Chapter 25 ~The end

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AN- well. this is the last chapter of Abusive. Love it was a GREAT pleasure writing this story for everyone. i think you all deserve my love, because you gave me the will to keep typing this story. it is the first story i have every written and the most popular one. I dont need 1000 fans, or a million reads, i only need my 154 fans, and anyone else who had to courage to read this story! im NOT gonna miss these characters because there IS and i repeat IS a sequel, DUH im not gonna leave you with a cliff hanger! WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER AM I RIGHT!?! haha but yeah, im going to have it up soon, its called Unrequited love, even made a cover for it! well i hope too see you all there, if you really want to know what happens to Jesse later. its alot of fun! new characters, old characters and a little bit more crack, and a BIG ADVENTURE. so enjoy my last piece in Abusive love. this story was my magnaopus and i hope people still continue to read it and in case you dont read this and you dont know there is a sequl i will MAKE sure you know. so enjoy, vote and comment on my last chapter? tell me if you enjoyed the story or not? :) i love you all, ENJOY!

Sequel to abusive love: unrequited love, its soon to be up!

Chapter 25

The clouds above were an angry dark gray. Threatening to drop down a heavy downpour of rain, or maybe snow.  School had started back, and Tesni still had to keep up with his career, so we hardly got to see each other.

 But on the Friday of the second week of every other month;  me and Tesni spent the weekend together.  It was most certainly hard for me, and not to mention him, but this way we wouldn’t be distracted by each other so we could both focus.

  Dylan had proposed to Charlotte and of course, she said yes. They wanted to have a fall wedding, but before that, Dylan needed to move out. He was going to live with her in Ireland and start a life there. He had already graduated by this time, and he was almost twenty. They must have been madly in love to get married at such a young age, but I support them all the way.

 Of course I was hard on me when Dylan began to pack up to leave. Tesni wasn’t there to comfort me, and I had fallen to my knees and begged him not to go. I’m ashamed of it now, because I acted like a little kid, but I was truly sad. I didn’t even take him a full day to get packed up, luckily for me he decided to stay with me one more day before he left. He had said he’s final goodbyes and told me how much he enjoyed living with me, and then… he was gone before I had even woken up. I was just me and Osin then. He is a handful, but I still felt alone without him. School began to feel dull and lifeless. Before I knew it, I had passed the summer exams, and it was summer break already.  Through that time, Tesni had to cancel meeting with me for two months. But now it was summer and he was also on break.

 It would be great, and we also have the house to ourselves so it won’t be awkward to have sex. I have missed him so much…

 Surprisingly it was a cloudy and windy summer day. It was still hot though, especially in the dorms since the air conditioning unit broke and wasn’t going to be fixed for a week. I sat on the couch in a tank top and boxers, 3 fans blowing against me and eating a Popsicle trying to beat the heat. Even Osin wasn’t his usual hyper self; he was in his bed, asleep.

 Today was the day Tesni was coming to visit me for the weekend,  I would be super excited and bouncing around, but it was so hot.

 Beads of sweat began to soak my fore head. I heard that soft knock at the door that I had began to forget. My sweet lover was at the door, but I was too lazy to get up and answer.

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