Chapter 2 (Damon)

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                                             Maya pov

it's been a few days since i met Stefan i like him he's nice i finish getting dressed brush my teeth and hair i walk down stairs to see i haven't been sleeping too good i keep having nightmares i walk down stairs eat some toast and juice then i see Elena walk in i make grabby hands she smiles at me picking me up walking out "I'm gonna pick you up today okay" Elena said as she walked with me in her arms setting me down in front of the day care "be good" she said i nodded watching her walk away i walk into the day care to start the day

I'm waiting outside of the day care i see Elena and Bonnie walk up i run to Bonnie hugging her leg she picks me up hugging me i missed you Maya Bonnie said i smile at her and we walk back to the house and they got food from the grill and are placing them in a bowl what's going on i thought Elena told me to go upstairs and change so i did i picked out a blue shirt and black leggings with fuzzy boots i walk down stairs to see Elena answering the door to see Stefan hey Maya he said smiling down at me i smile at him and we make our way to the table and listen to Stefan and Bonnie talk i stare at Stefan i like him but he's got this intense stare i hardly ate i wasn't very hungry then the doorbell rings i wonder who could that be Elena said getting up and walking to the door 

"surprise! Bonnie said you were doing dinner so we brought dessert" i heard Caroline say i poke my head out from the corner to see a man with dark hair and blue eyes "hope you don't mind" he said "what are you doing here" Stefan said to him "waiting for Elena to invite me in" he said "oh yeah you can.."Elena said "no no no he can't uh..he can't stay can you Damon" Stefan said "get in here" Caroline said "we're just.... finishing up" Stefan said "it's fine just come on in" Elena said "you have a beautiful home Elena" Damon said I'm still in the kitchen peeking out watching "thank you" Elena said "where is Maya!" Caroline said "who's Maya" Damon said "only the cutest little thing!" Caroline said i come out of the kitchen there she is Caroline comes running to me picking me up i look over her shoulder i see Damon he waves at me i shyly wave back at him I'm sitting on the floor drawing a black crow that i had a dream about the girls are in the kitchen what you drawing Maya Damon asked him and Stefan looked at the drawing it was a crow sitting on a tomb stone they look at each other then they come back and start talking Caroline picks me up and sets me on her lap oh it's just cause her parents died yeah i mean she's just totally going through a blah phase she used to be way more fun and i say that with complete sensitivity Caroline said i jumped off her lap and glared at her a lot of people cower under my glare which she did and i walked out I'm in the kitchen hmm how am i gonna reach my juice as I'm looking up at the counter i open the drawer trying to reach the juice almost and the drawer gives out and I'm on the floor on my back looking up then i see Elena standing over me what happened i see Damon too i pointed she laughed here you go she got it down and handed it to me damon picked me up there you go little bunny he said i smiled at him and walked into the living room i see Stefan looking at my drawing i sit next to him as he looks at it have you seen this before he asked i shook my head no hmm he said 

i hugged everyone as they left including Damon and Stefan i yawned you little lady have to get to bed she said picking me up and taking me to my room tucking me in then turning off the light my eyelids slowly start to shut falling into a deep sleep  

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