Chapter 1

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The Unova Region, home of both Humans and Pokemon. Just like the other regions there was the regular system, 8 gym leaders, Elite 4 and a champion. 

However, our view goes to a small town called Nuvema. Nuvema isn't big, quite frankly it is the smallest town in the whole of Unova. 

In a house in the midle of the town comes a woman wearing a lab coat out. she has just delivered a package to the owner's son and his friends. 

Right now however he is asleep. 

His mother carries the package up to his room, she sees the boy sleep quietly and peacefully. She lies the package near the end of his bed and walks over to him. she carefully takes some of his messy brown hair out of his eyes. 

Maria: Hilbert, today is you and your friends day. your getting a pokemon. *sigh* if only your father was here. 

Maria, Hilbert's mother rises up and walks down. she sits down and waits for the time to go. 

2 hours later. 

Hilbert is up from his sleep, he has dressed himself in black pants, a black and white t-shirt which is barely visible by the blue jacket he has taken over himself. on his feet are a pair of red and black shoes. to top it all there is a red and white cap with a black pokeball symbol on his head. 

Hilbert: what is this package? 

Hilbert is inspecting the weird present he apparently has gotten. he shrugs and walks down to his mom who has been waiting for him. 

Maria: good morning honey, sleep well?

Hilbert: slept like a rock mom, did you sleep well too?

Maria: as good as ever. 

Hilbert: but mom, why is there a present in my room? 

Maria chuckles and says: it is the package that Professor Juniper brought to us.

Hilbert: wait, does that mean..

Maria: you and your friends are getting your very own Pokemon today.

Hilbert: ...

Maria: now then, all we need to wait for is your friends. 

right at that moment the door bell goes off. 

Hilbert: i'll get it. 

Hilbert walks to the door and opens it. before him stands a guy with black grey hair and a pair of glasses, a blue jacket with a orange tie on it. this is Cheren. and beside him is his neighbour. A girl with a white t-shirt with a black leather vest half covering it. short shorts with some holes in it, black and pink combat boots along with a white and pink cap on her head with a pink pokeball symbol on it. This is Hilda White. 

Hilbert: hi guys.

Cheren: hi Hilbert.

Hilda: hi Hilbert, slept well before today? *large smirk*

Hilbert: i slept like a rock. i guess you did too?

Hilda: i almost couldn't sleep, i am so exited about finally getting to go on a journey!

Cheren: calm Hilda, don't be too over exited, we do need to wait for Bianca after all.

both Hilbert and Hilda falls anime style at the mention of their clumsy friend. 

Hilbert: aw Arceus damn it i forgot about her. 

Hilda: me too. *sigh* can we at least go up and have a look?

Cheren: maybe but no peaking before Bianca is with us. 

Hilbert: come on with me. 

Hilbert lets the two inside and they walk up to his room. 

Hilda: so they are inside that?

Hilda points to the package at the end of Hilbert's bed. Hilbert nods to her. 

Hilbert sits down on his bed and tries to find something to let boredom not get the better of himself. 

Suddendly Hilda sits down next to him. Hilbert doesn't show her but his cheek begins reddening. Cheren notices but keeps quiet. 

Hilda: i wish Bianca could stop wasting so much time!

Cheren: you know how her father is, he is strict and a bit overprotective. 

Hilbert: he is, but couldn't he at least be a little less angry when talking to us?

Cheren: don't tell him that he has anger issues, he will break your face before you know it. 

Finally the group hears new footsteps. and there finally comes Bianca. 

Wrapping up the first chapter of The Black and White Journeys. 

Hope you will like this book and remember, your vote and comments make my day and gets me to write more and faster. 

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