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I woke up and my head was pounding, I felt sick. But all I could think about was Killian. I shot up, opening my eyes.

‘’Rose’’I heard snow say and she ran over to me and crouched down in font of me.

‘’Are you alright?’’she asked concern filling her voice.

‘’No, i'm not alright Snow. Im mad. How long have I been out?’’

‘’About a day’’Snow said

I stood up’’Where's Emma?’’

‘’Rose look at me’’

Snow grabbed my arm and I looked at her and then I just started crying.

‘’Oh, Rose’’

She hugged me and I cried on her shoulder’’I left him again, Snow. I didn’t want to leave him all alone’’

‘’I know but Emma doesn't trust him’’

‘’But I do!’’I said and i stopped hugging her’’I trust Killian with my life. Emma didn’t have to chain him up’’

I walked over to the camp sight and saw Aurora sleeping and Mulan sitting down and looking at the fire that Emma was building.

‘’Why did you do that?’’I said storming over to her. She looked at me in surprise and gave me a sad look.

‘’I had to,Liz I don’t trust him.’’

‘’But, I do trust him Emma! He did nothing wrong. He helped us’’

‘’But he could be acting!’’

‘’He wouldn’t do that! He wants to get to Storybrooke almost as much as we do.’’

‘’I'm sorry alright, Elizabeth, i'm sorry but I had to. The giant wont hurt him I swear. He was just gonna let him go when we got a head start’’

I rolled my eyes and sat down on a log. She had no right to do this to him or to me. He's alone again and I don’t like thinking about it. I looked into the fire and I felt a tear fall down my face. I wiped it and rested i rubbed my temples. God I would kill for a Advil right now. I heard footsteps and saw Emma and Snow coming down the little hill and into the camp sight. They went behind a sheet were Mulan was now at. I heard screming and I saw Aurora wake up and she looked scared. I ran over to her and crowched down beside her/

‘’It's okay’’I said

‘’It's okay, it was just another nightmare’’snow said crouching on the other side of Aurora.

‘’No, this time it was different. There was a little boy he put out the fire, he talked to me’’Aurora said

The sleeping curse. You get horrible nightmares from it. I haven’t experienced it but I have heard about it.

‘’A little boy?’’Snow asked

‘’What did he say?’’Emma asked

‘’He said his name was Henry’’

My eyes widened and I looked at Snow and Emma.

‘’Oh my god’’I said

 Emma took her wallet out of her pocket and took out a picture of Henry.

‘’The boy you saw in your dream. Is that him?’’she asked holding the picture up. Aurora took it and looked at it.

‘’Yes, This is Henry’’She said

Oh my fricking god. How on earth dose this happen?!

‘’Impossible. It was a dream. How could you dream of my son?’’Emma asked

I stood up and walked over to Snow.

‘’I have no idea’’

‘’Maybe it wasn't a dream’’Snow said. I looked at her. Of course it was a dream. Aren't those dreams side effects of the sleeping curse?

‘’Wait what?’’I asked

Emma and Aurora got up and faced us.

‘’That room. I've been there’’Snow said

‘’When I told you about it you didn’t say anything’’ Aurora said

‘’You were terrified I didn’t want to tell you anything about thinking that it was real.’’

‘’A room in a dream is real?’’Mulan asked. I looked behind me and looked at her. She has a point.

‘’The sleeping curse. It has to be’’Snow said’’I've been through it, Aurora's been through it’’

‘’Henry's been through it because I would believe him’’Emma said

‘’Emma’’ snow said

‘’What else did you lie about’’Aurora asked

I gave her a look. Snow doesn't lie. Shes horrible at it. She just doesn't tell you stuff that might harm you in a way.

‘’I wasn’t lieing. I was protecting you’’Snow said defending herself

‘’What else did he say? Henry, in the dream’’Emma asked Aurora.

‘’He just said his name and then I woke up’’


Emma turned and looked at Snow. Her face was sad and full of worry.

‘’It's going to be okay’’Snow assured her.

‘’So far from okay’’ Emma said

‘’No. we have a way home now’’

‘’We have a compass. And the wardrobe ashes are still with Cora’’Emma said

‘’Trying to steal from her would be suicide’’Mulan said

Yeah, the only person who we could have got the ashes is Killian. And i'm pretty sure he wont want to work with us anymore.

‘’Mulan has a point guys’’I said crossing my arms

‘’Not anymore. We can stop her’’snow said

‘’How?’’Mulan asked

Stealing from her would not be easy and maybe impossible.

‘’I don’t know, but I know someone who dose. Rumpelstiltskin’’ Snow said

I laughed. ‘’Rumpelstiltskin wont help us and besides we have no way of communicating with him’’

‘’Henry’’Emma said

I thought about it for a second. We could contact Rumpelstiltskin through henry aka through Aurora!

‘’We can talk to him. Now we can communicate''Emma said


‘’Hurry up princess. Your going back to sleep’’Emma said

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