They're jealous

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When he's jealous, he just wraps his hand round your waist without speaking, and gives the guy a death stare. Since he's huge, they guy normally gets intimidated and walks away

He makes the just feel uncomfortable. He normally starts by wrapping his arms around you from behind and kissing your neck, not breaking eye contact with the person talking to you, then saying something like 'can we go back to my place now?' And winks.

When Allison gets jealous, she gets suuuper attached to you and clingy. 'Babeeeee, can we go home now?' She always pouts as she says it, which makes you smile and kiss her, reassuring her that you're hers.

He'd scare the guy away. There was one time when he came up to you when you and joined in the conversation by saying, 'hey y/n, remember that time I punched a postman when I saw him looking at your ass?'

Number Five always gets super jealous, so he just pulls you away from whoever tries to chat you up.
'Five, there's nothing to worry about! I like you!' You giggled, kissing him softly
'B-But, h-he was looking a-at you and...' he rambled as you kissed him again

Ben's totally calm when a guy talks to you. He'd just come up to you and hold your hand in his. Plus, he knows that you'd never leave him and he could easily take someone out.

Vanya gets extremely nervous when someone else talks to you. She gets super stressed and thinks everyone's better than she is (because she was bought up that way) but you always show her you like her for her

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