21 | Number Five (12)

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Imagine: keren5678 enjoy 🥰🍒
'Can you do an imagine where they save the end of the world and The reader and Five are researching and the decide to get drunk so they're kissing an all that then Hazel comes in about starting a new life blah blah blah'
Warnings: steamy and may be a couple of spoilers for future episodes

It'd been a day or two after you and The Umbrella Academy saved the world. You were one of the members of the Time and Space unit and your friend, and huge crush, Number Five helped you out of there

All the others were out partying one night, but you decided to stay at home and research more of 'Harold Jenkins' aka, Leonard, Vanya's boyfriend

Allison was at home, but resting. She went through a lot when her throat was slit and lost her voice. Permanently.

'Decided to keep you company' a voice said from behind you. You turned round to see Five standing at the doorway, arms crossed

'Should've gone out. It's a lot more fun than being here' you shrugged, typing on your laptop, not expecting Five to drag you up. 'Then lets have some fun?' He gestured slightly to the small alcohol cabinet on the other side of the room. You smirked following him over

Many drinks later, you weren't completely drunk, you had a couple of drinks but sounded normal and knew what you were saying . 'You know what?' You giggled, placing your hand on his cheek, as his hand danced up your thigh. Being drunk just gave you confidence

'You're really hot' he whispered, before kissing you softly, making you smile and kiss him back

Oh how you loved it. You just worried that he didn't feel the same way when he was sober- but you didn't think about that right now. It's good to let loose every once in a while, right?

He squeezed your thigh, telling you to jump, which you did. He caught you in his arms and placed you on top of the bar, your legs wrapped tightly round his waist.

Your lips moved in perfect sync and you ran your hand through his hair, he cupped your face in his hands

This boy was intoxicating

His hand moved to the back of your neck, his fingers twirling the strands of hair which came out your bun

You rolled your hips against his, making him let out a low groan.

You began peppering kisses along his jaw and pulling him closer to you

There was a loud knock at the door, and Five went to grab, making you pout. You grabbed his hand, pulling him back to where he was, kissing him forcefully

His hands squeezed you legs and waist. 'You're really needy tonight, huh?' He smirked as you rolled your eyes and grabbed his collar, tugging him forward

'Can you guys stop for OnE MiNuTe' You rolled you eyes, glaring at Hazel in front of you both

As soon as things started going well

Hazel just explained that he wanted to quit and gave him his guns, before leaving and giving me and Five our freedom back.

'Where were we?' You purred, starting to kiss him again, which he happily accepted

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