20 | Number Five (11)

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Imagine: Part two of LightningShow 's imagine💕💕 enjoyyy x x x

Weeks passed and you started dating your boyfriend. You and Five hadn't spoken in months. It was like you just didn't need each other anymore- you were both just caught it up your own relationship.

The problem was, you just didn't love bf/n like you loved Five. So you ended things, but not before showing him you were happy with someone else

You and bf/n were on a date when you saw him and his girlfriend walking down the street. You rolled your eyes, took a glance at him, and kissed your boyfriend passionately. That made Five stop

Truth is, Five liked you. He was just embarrassed because he'd never loved someone as much as he loved you, so he tried to push his feelings away. He just couldn't.

You looked at him with a straight face, before walking away, leaving him shocked

But then you ended things. You realized you shouldn't be trying to push your real feelings for someone away, you should embrace them

It was thanksgiving when you saw him next. You and everyone else decided to have a big thanksgiving dinner

What shocked you was when you were talking to Allison about her rocky breakup with Patrick, he came in without his girlfriend

This confused you, to say the least, as he walked straight past you and going to talk to Diego on the couch

'So what's going on with you and Five? You were so close!' Allison asked as you shrugged, taking a sip of you drink

You decided to be honest instead on lie. 'Relationships. I ended things with bf/n because of him' you sighed, leaning against the wall and looking at him. Even after all these months, he still looked hot as fuck.

'I'm gonna go to the bathroom' she stated after seeing Five walk your way. 'Don't leave me here, A!' You hissed and awkwardly laughed when he got to you

'Can we talk?'

You were both sat in the attic. When you were younger, there was never a dull moment between the both of you. Now it seemed that there was nothing to see. You'd Gone your separate ways, there was just nothing between you both anymore. No spark

'I ended things' he spoke after minutes of silence. You turned you look at him. 'Why?'

'I just don't like her as much as I thought it did. You know Thanksgiving's meant for spending time with loved ones right?' He asked, looking at your lips for a split second

'Yeah?' You were interrupted when you felt Five kissing you on the lips. Butterflies erupted in your stomach, the guy you liked finally liked you back

'Listen, y/n. I've always thought you were gorgeous, and funny-' you paused him

'You're not just saying this because you and her broke up, right?' He shook his head, grabbing your hands in his.

'You can't hide the feelings you have. I love you y/n/n' you grinned, leaning in again

'I love you too Five' you giggled, keeping your hands round his neck

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