19 | Number Five (10)

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'Can you do a request when the reader has a crush on Five and gets really jealous when he starts seeing another chick and they start dating please make a part 2 and lots of feels'
Warning: feelssssss

Number Five. The name you thought about constantly. People said it was obvious you had a crush on him, then why did he act so oblivious?

You had both been close from a young age, from sneaking out and stealing donuts from 'Griddys' . However, his heart seemed to belong to another's

You really liked Five. His raven hair you imagined running your hands through, his eyes you always got lost in, and the JAW.

You found out about the other girl when you were having a movie night with Vanya. 'Y/n! I need to talk to you! It's important!' You'd never seen him smile this much before. Ever.

You excused yourself to talk to him. 'Guess what?' He grinned. 'What?' You asked, confused

'I went out with her! I took her to the local fair, the one you always recommended!' Your heart broke in two. He went on a date with her. He took this girl he just made to your favourite spot

You faltered, But was able to cover it up. You just wanted to go and hide in your room. 'oH! That's so cool, I'm really happy for you, Five! How's things go?'

He blushed. Inside you were screaming with sadness, but you had to be happy. For him. So you playfully nudged him in the shoulder. 'What happened, Five?'

'We kissed'

That was it for you. You froze. You wanted to cry, and scream. But you couldn't, you just froze. It's like your heart stopped.

'Aw! I should get back to my movie night see ya!' You smiled abruptly before he hugged you and left. 'Thank you y/n/n'

He left, and you slammed the door behind him, sliding down in sobs. You pulled at your hair in anger. 'Y/n? What happened?' Vanya pulled you into a hug as you cried into her shoulder

'T-there's s-Someone else. I'm stupid to think he'd actually like someone like me' you leaned back, taking a handful and stuffing it in your mouth. 'Do you have chocolate?' You asked sadly, Vanya nodded apologetically, grabbing some out the cupboard

Things only got worse from there

Whenever you tried to meet with Five, he always bailed on you for his new girlfriend leaving you constantly alone in bed watching rom-coms

You weren't even sad about the fact he found someone else, you were hurt that you lost your best friend.

'Hey, my favourite sibling!' Klaus exclaimed excitedly, bursting abruptly into your room

'I'm not in the mood, Klaus' you rolled your eyes

'Oh you never are anymore. You gotta live life, just forget about Five! There are plenty of dating apps!' He wriggled his eyebrows at you sat up to look at him.

'Dating apps?'

He laughed, and tugged your phone out of your hands. 'There are plenty of dating apps about for sad singletons like you'


'Sorry!' He typed in a couple of names on your phone. 'What about this dude?' You stared at the screen. He was kinda hot

You began talking to him. He was super funny, and nice. A gentleman

But you still constantly missed Five. Memories would always come back into your mind of when you were younger, making you choke back tears

Just forget about him, he clearly doesn't care about you anymore...

You were thinking, when a message came through.

'Hey y/n! I was wondering if you wanted to come get food with me and gf/n tomorrow? Let me know xx' Yoy growled, shoving your phone under your pillow in frustration

Maybe it was time to move on. Maybe it's for the best...

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