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Jason POV

"What's going on, Hades?" Zeus bellowed.

The brothers had an exchange through their eyes with a look of hatred. It felt like Zeus knew what was happening, but was scared of the truth.

The funny thing about the truth is that it can either be really frightening, or the best thing you ever hear in your life. In my case, it was both.

"Why is it taking so long? We need to get the border down. Now!" I stated. This is the best opportunity we have.

"We overrode the jukebox, but I don't know... It's somehow still not going down. If I had to guess, there is another jukebox on the other end." Neil said. He was a son of Hapheastus and he looked extremely sweaty and grimy from putting in work.

"Damn." Expressed Annabeth. I mean, she said a LOT of colorful words at that moment, but I can't really get into that.

Damn, I wish Nico was here. Ever since Percy's death, he just... Vanished. He could've just shadow-traveled to the other side with a Hapheastus kid.

Or maybe even Leo... I thought. Snap out of it Jason .

I slapped myself.

This earned me looks from everyone around me. I could already picture what they were thinking.

Look! The hero is losing his mind because of his father conquering camp!

Some hero!

Why is he slapping himself?

He's insane...

Stupid ADHD... Ugh. I looked back to the Big 2 and see them still staring at each other.

"Well, I don't know Brother. Maybe it's just that you're scared of your own children and massacre them with no mercy. Remind you of anyone?" Hades said.

I knew what he was getting at. He was talking about Kronos.

"That was the sole reason we decided to overthrow Him, or don't you remember?" Hades continued. "But now, I think it's time we let history repeat itself..."

As he said this, he rose his right arm up and from everywhere in camp, there were skeletons clawing up in camp.

Zeus clicked his tongue and chuckled.

"You really think dead corpses can take me down?" He continued with his laugh. Then it came to an abrupt stop and he became dead serious. "You'll perish." He said in a low tone.

Onto all the heads of the skeletons, ALL OF THEM, came lightning bolts. They weren't too powerful, but there were a lot.

I tried looking back at Hades, but he was gone. In the shadows, I guess.

Zeus focused and instinctively turned around and blasted behind him.

Hades was now visible again as he got shot. He flew back into Zeus's Fist and fell to the ground. He let out a small groan as he stood back up.

"Hmph. If that's all you got then I'm pretty sure this is over." Zeus remarked.

"It is over if you keep underestimating me."

They charged at each other and let me tell you, it was indeed a sight to see.

Hades's right fist was engulfed in black flames while Zeus's was in blue electricity and wind.

As soon as it connected, light engulfed the entire camp.

We turned back to the battlefield expecting to see a victor. Instead, we see both of them still fighting. Zeus fired lightning after lightning from his bolt in his left hand. Hades had a black aura around him and kept shadow-traveling whenever it looked like he would get hit by it. I mean, I didn't know anyone can shadow-travel that fast. He was literally going faster than lightning speed.

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