16 | Number 4 - Klaus (2)

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You quickly turned of the hallway light before speeding down to Klaus's bedroom. It was a stormy night

And you hated storms. The ringing through your ear after the lightning crashes, but Klaus was always there to comfort you when you were scared

You smiled at the sight of him. His hand tucked under the pillow, hair all over the place. You pulled the blanket over him a bit more and laid down, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and fell into your own deep slumber

For Klaus however, that wasn't the case...

There was a bet. An older man sat across from the 7

'If we win this fight-' he pointed to himself and his men. 'You get off Scott-free with a couple of bruises'

'But if you lose, we get to kill one of your members of the Academy' Klaus pulled you closer to him

It was all going well, until Allison passed out. They won

The Umbrella Academy swallowed, moving closer to each other. This was probably the closest they've all been to each other

Then. Klaus's heart broke. You were picked. YOU were the one who had to die

'I'll never forget you baby, I love you. So so so much' you kissed him passionately before your life was taken

With everyone watching you die.

'Y/N, NO. NO!''

Klaus sat up straight, breathing heavily. His cheeks were damp from tears and his hair was knotted and tangled. He looked over to you, sleeping like an angel, before he started sobbing in his hands

That woke you up. 'Klaus? Klaus baby what wrong?' You asked gently, as he laid his head on your shoulder

'Y-you died. And I couldn't save you' he whimpered, as your heart shattered. You couldn't bear seeing your boyfriend like this. First the death of Ben. Now his horrible dream sequences

He slowly rocked his body in fear. 'Come here baby' you laid him down in your lap so you could to his favourite thing, running your hands through his hair

It was heaven to him.

'I love you y/n' he whispered when his shaky breaths stopped and calmed himself down

'I love you more Klaus. Nothing's gonna hurt you. I'm here- i always will be' you ducked down and kissed his forehead, as he closed his eyes and fell asleep

But this time, with no nightmares

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