The sun was shinning brightly in Hermione Granger's eyes as she was awoken by a constant tapping on her bedroom window. She moaned angrily, slowly sitting up and looking at her alarm clock.

" 6am are you kidding me? Somebody better be bleeding or dying, or by Merlin they will be!"

Grabbing her wand from under her pillow, she slowly crawled out of her nice warm bed and headed for her window. Sliding it open, a brown owl flew into her room, landed on her desk and stuck out it's leg where a letter was tied. Sighing, Hermione untied the letter and fed the owl a treat and opened it. She unfolded the letter and a shiny gold badge landed on her floor. Picking it up and turning it over in her hand, the letters HG were clearly inprinted in the middle surrounded by the Gryffindor Crest. Hermione let out a squeal of delight as she read her letter informing her of her Head Girl status.

Dear Ms. Granger

Hoping this letter finds you well, I am proud to inform you that you have been selected this years Head Girl. Inside contains your schedule for this years classes along with the duties for the Head Girl and passwords for the other houses.

The Head's will be sharing a dorm in the North wing of the castle, as the school population this year is more then expected. You are to meet with the Head Boy upon departure of the Hogwart's Express to discuss the round schedule for the Prefects, and escort the first years to the carriages and to their house after the Dinner.

The password for your dorm this year is DESTINED and your roommate for the year is Draco Malfoy. Try to be civil to each other as fighting will result in losing your badge as well as points for your house.

Congratulations again


Professor McGonagall

Head Of Gryffindor House


Hermione placed her badge and letter on her bed and shook her head. How could they possibly expect her to get along with the ferret for an entire year? It was close to impossible, but as long as he stayed away from her, she would try. She ran to her bathroom to shower. As she finished and was getting dressed, she swore that being Head Girl, this year was going to be different. As she grabbed her trunk and threw her jacket on, she made her way downstairs to have breakfast with her parents and waited patiently to leave for the train.





" I absolutely refuse to share living quaters with that know-it-all witch", Draco yelled as he flopped down in an arm chair in his fathers study. He was excited to receive his Head Boy Badge for all about 15 seconds until he read Hermione Granger's name as the Head Girl. He was certain the old bat of a headmaster had surely lost his marbles. Suggesting that HE be civil towards Granger? Hell would have to be frozen over and the Devil ice skating before that happens.

" Draco, you are much to old to be throwing a temper tantrum. You should be proud of getting Head Boy, your mother and I are!" Lucius retorted, taking a sip of his coffee before standing up.

" Father I am not throwing a temper tantrum, I'm simply expressing my anger over Granger making Head Girl in a less then adult way."

Sighing, Draco stood up and started walking out of the study. He placed a hand over his stomach as a wave of pains suddenly rocked him. He let out a short yelp of pain as he slid down the wall. His father rushed to his side and waved his wand over Draco's head.

" Draco, what's wrong? What happened?"

 " I have no idea Father, a sharp pain just suddenly appeared in my stomach, but now it's gone! Damn house elves, they must had fed me something at breakfast that didnt agree with me. You know they've been trying to kill me for awhile now don't you?"

" That's absurd, why on Earth would they be trying to kill you?" His father laughed.

" I don't know, maybe because they hate me?"

" Well Draco, perhaps if you showed them a little more compassion, instead of shooting spells at them turning them into different colors because they happened to wake you up before noon, you wouldn't be in this situation." his father laughed, placing the famous Malfoy smirk on his handsome face as he helped his son off the floor. " Maybe you should go on upstairs and have a shower before you have to leave, wouldn't want to miss the train."

" Sure Father, wouldn't want to miss the train. Wouldn't want to miss out on being a Head with Granger, wouldn't want to miss out on school, wouldn't want to......" Draco's bedroom door slammed shut, quieting his rant. His father waited until he heard his son's footsteps stomping from his bedroom to his walk-in bathroom. He closed his eyes and shook his head, wondering if this was the best time to inform Draco about his upcoming birthday that was in 4 days. Probably not, no need to cause his son to have a stoke. Lucius was already sure he caused his son some sort of heart failure when Draco found out he and his wife were spies for The Order Of The Phoenix.

It had come out one night, sitting around the dinner table. There was yelling, wine spilled and a disgusting issue with food being spat out and landing on Narcissa. Draco was beside himself. The Malfoy's weren't faithful servants of Voldemort as everyone believed them to be. Lucius and Narcissa had joined a few years after they were married, and with them being purebloods, they could join the ranks of death eaters and get close to Voldemort without raising suspicions. Of course appearances had to be kept, according to Dumbledore, so Lucius convinced his son of his false hatred towards mudbloods and muggles, and never once derailed his son's hatred towards The Golden Trio. Needless to say, his son was less then pleased to learn where his parents true loyalties were, thus resulting in Voldemort's end.

Sighing, Lucius headed his way towards his study. It was only 10am and he desperatly needed a glass of wine, brandy, or something stronger. Firewhisky was sounding strangely tempting right about now. His son was literaly driving him to drink. Maybe he should tell his son of the upcoming changes. A extremely loud banging was heard coming from upstairs. Then again, maybe he could wait till Draco had calmed down.

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