Chapter 2

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"I'm sorry, who are you?"

I looked at the man he was with and he gave me a confused look. I stood waiting for an answer from either one of them. "Oh I'm sorry, my names David Dobrik and this is my friend Jason." I smiled and shook both their hands.

"You asked me to be in a bit with you guys?"

David nodded his head. "Yeah I have a YouTube channel and I was wondering if you wanted to be in a bit with us for the video?"

I thought for a second before asking one more question. "What's a bit?"

He looked at me stunned, like he didn't know how to answer me. "Well its like a scene in a movie, accept not that professional and just for fun."

I nodded my head understanding.

I guess a couple moments have passed because he started again.

"If not its okay, I totally understand."

It was my turn to order and I couldn't think fast enough. "Sure." I blurted out. They both laughed and high fived.

David took my hand and dragged me to one of the tables and sat me down.

"Okay so..." I looked at him waiting to continue, only realizing I didn't tell him my name.

"Oh my names Salem Grai."

He nodded. "Okay, Salem. I have a friend on his way and his name is nick, but we call him Jonah."

I laughed.

"So when he gets here we are gunna hide in the alleyway next door and he's going to order food." He said as he talked with his hands. "When he gets out the door with his food, you run up and take it from him and run to us."

I chuckled. "Is he gonna try to hurt me?"

David quickly shook his head. "No he's going to be in on the joke, so he will see it coming."

"He just won't know who is going to be taking his food." His older friend, Jason, cut in.

I nodded my head and laughed. "Okay I'm in."

They both have me a high five and laughed.

"Okay he's gunna be here right now so we're going to hide and you watch when he comes out the door." David said getting up and turning on his camera.

I nod and go outside and wait on the other side of the wall.

David had mentioned I'll know what he looks like because he looks like Jonah hill. So we waited outside of the store until he came.

I saw him walk into the store and watched him order his meal. As he was coming out I heard David behind me whisper, "GO, GO, GO."

I ran out from behind the wall and took the bag right out of his hands and ran down the sidewalk and turned the corner.

I heard him yell "What the fuck!" And lots of other profanities. I couldn't stop myself from laughing. After a minute or two of him throwing a fit, David came out from behind the wall and yelled for me to come out.

I came out and Jonah started laughing, shaking his head.

"Fuck you David Dobrik. I really thought some skinny bitch ran off with my food." Jonah said with his face still red from his fit.

I looked at David and he looked at me, shrugging his shoulders. "If I told you it was a prank, I don't think you would've helped me."

I shook my head and chuckled. "Don't worry, I would've helped anyways."

Everyone laughed and I high fived David. "Thank you for helping me with this. Let me buy you your food for wasting your time."

I quickly shook my head. "Oh no it's okay. This was fun."

He smiled and took my hand. "Please, it's the least I could do. Because of you I have content to post now."

I nodded my head yes. "Okay, sure."

All four of us went inside chipotle and I ordered mine and Gabe's meals.

"Wow, for a someone your size you sure can eat a lot." David mentioned and then smacked his mouth. "I mean, that came out wrong. I'm so sorry."

I chuckled. "Oh no it's fine, I know what you meant."

He nodded.

"Plus this isn't all mine. It's also for my friend." I got my food and he paid for it.

We walked out of chipotle and I walked to my car.

"Again, thank you for helping me with my bit." He held his fist up and I fist bumped him back.

"It's no problem Dobrik. Thank you for buying my food."

He nodded.

"Bye Jason, bye Jonah." I said as I opened my door.

They waved bye while walking away.

"Bye David." I waved bye as I got into my car.

I looked in the review mirror and saw Jason and David get in a Tesla. I gasped and watched them drive by.

Who did I just meet?


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