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Six months.

Six months since the supposed death of Logan and Savannah Valentine. Six long months since the search on their whereabouts began.

Six months in hiding.

"Savannah, I'll drop you off," Logan mumbled, grabbing his keys. He was about to open the door until he noticed his little sister in her pajamas, sitting on the stairs. She was wiping away tears from her red irritated skin; from constantly wiping away her tears in a harsh manner.

"I'm... I'm not going. Not today, not again. I don't want to be there," she cried.

Logan sighed and stared at her steely. "What do you want me to do, huh? We don't have a choice. It is law for you to be in school. It is crucial that we blend in. It is crucial that we are not found. It is important we are safe in the smartest, most thought out way possible."

Savannah shook her head and leaned her head, tiredly, upon the rails. Logan mumbled a string of curse words before giving in. "Fine. You get today and tomorrow, but after you will return to school. I'll be back at 4," Logan told her before leaving.

The youngest Valentine took out her phone and smiled at her wallpaper. It was a collage, since her friends weren't exactly friends. On the left were her Southside friends and on the right were her Northside ones. Her home wallpaper through, is Sweet Pea.


He had seeped for two months, searched for three months, and stressed for one month. He was sleepless, always in the Blue and Gold room, or in his trailer drinking and staring at old memories.

          It has been six months since he has last seen her. Since he let her go.

          Six months finding, weeping, and stressing.

          Knock. Knock. Knock.

          Sweet Pea didn't even turn his head to see who was at his door. His attention was only on his phone, in which he scrolled through the photos. He hadn't heard Jughead's voice until he had busted the door open.

          "Jones, what the fuck! —"

          "We have a Devil and he might know something about Logan and Savannah," Jughead quickly said.

          Almost in an instant, Sweet Pea's annoyance dispersed and was replaced with anger. "Where..." he growled. Jughead sighed, "The Wyrm."

Sweet Pea threw on his leather jacket, and bumped shoulders with Jug as he stormed out of his trailer. The 6" male immediately rode off towards the Wyrm, without waiting for Jughead.

Once he had left, Jughead realized that he had left his phone on the couch. It was on a photo, Savannah's photo. Curiously, Jughead took the phone and inspected what Sweet Pea was staring at. Seeing her face, even just a digital photo, reminded him of her fading figure. Each day she is gone, equals the more her face and voice disappears from everyone's minds.

Jughead, and even Cheryl, couldn't even remember her voice and facial features until they see a video.

Six months in hiding, can really hit other people in ways one can't understand.

"I told you, I don't fucking know!"

"Shut the fuck up! You do know, you fucking Devil!" Sweet Pea yelled in anger as he punched the teenage Devil.

Jughead, who had just entered the Wyrm, witnessed Sweet Pea's rage and pulled him back. "Hey! Hey! Cool it, Sweet Pea. Toni?" Jughead called Toni. She understood and she and Fangs dragged Sweet Pea outside to calm down.

Jughead sighed and stared at the supposed 'enemy'. His body was bruised from a fall from the motorbike, and his nose was bleeding; presumably from a punch Sweet Pea might've thrown. "What's your name?" Jughead asked, sitting on a nearby chair as Serpents circled around.

          "You seriously gonna do this? Have someone throw a wack of a punch, then be friendly? Fuck off..." The Devil laughed, while he seethed in pain. Jughead didn't remove his gaze from the boy. He seemed to get the message and scoffed. "Anthony, or Ant."

          "What are you doing here in Riverdale, Ant? Last time I checked, your group was in the woods outside of town." Jughead began to glare. The Serpents, who were looking outside occasionally in caution, listened intently as they didn't want to miss a single thing.

          Anthony began to snicker. "I think you know why."

          Jughead scoffed and spun his chair around and sat, stacking the backboard of her seat. "You know what? You see that snake over there?" Jug began to point to the 'deadly' snake that a Serpent was feeding a mice to. Anthony gulped in fear, he seemed to have a phobia for reptiles. Jughead noticed, and smirked.

          "You tell us everything you know, and that won't come near you. If you don't..." The whole room was then filled with laughter and yells of the Serpents. The thought of venom and scales, made Ant shiver in fear. He cursed loudly and gave in after awhile. "Fine! Fine."

          Jughead then chuckled, waving his hand. "Let Sweet Pea back in."

          "You think they'll find us? — My friends and yours I mean," Savannah asked her brother as they ate dinner. Logan shrugged, sipping his tea.

         "Yours might. My friends have their own problems to solve — actually one of them might want to find me..." Logan then muttered something under his breath, a name or two? "What was that?"


         "Okay..." Savannah meekly replied. She knew he was hiding something. Who was that special someone? Why would he say two names?

         What is he hiding from her?

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