Still sickee

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I been reading bullied/bully by team-craft it so... what's the word hate I don't freaking care I find them insertering hate on me and the sad parts I cant cry for some freaking reason maybe it's because I know it's fake or because I'm suck right now I don't feel emotion weird huh and surprising I spell emotion for once lolololol I'm the worst speller I'm history that's y I fail pretest in school (I'm a freaking 5th grader report me I will find u and I'll kill u by tickles also that's I had to make a new ancount all my hard work) and also surprising peeps are read my book and where is the love where the love know what's sucks well three thing today thing 1: my freaking backyard neighbors are having a party and it started at 7:00 and I don't know when's it end sometimes it ends in the morning time once they have a party for a week nonstop with crappy Mexican muisc I have nothing against Mexican thing 2: I can't sing because I'm sick my voice songs horrbliely badly I try singing dark horse by Katy perry ft juicy j on the wii I have YouTube on it my friend and sister the older on started laugh so I started singing loud they were gasping for air and also my little sister who got me sick started singing a duet then I got in trouble by my mom and my dad was laugh his head off. Thingy 3: I'm sick (jk I forgot what I was saying but I'm am sick) I remember now I ask if I could have a wii game both my parents said no and I said it in two different laugugue go back a chapees to find out the two laugugue by my wolf pack and join the wolf pack if your not a wolf already and become a wolf today

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