Chapter -18 (e)

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Chapter-18: Umbridge sacked, Salazar Slytherin and Basilisk in Chamber.

As everyone observed how Professor Snape won on Professor Lockhart after that Gilderoy woke up and started to say

"Now that everyone saw how to disarm your opponent I think one pair of students can demonstrate it while they practice it. So who will come, oh yes Ms Black and Mr Weasley?" He called them on to the stage that was set up for duelling club.

"Are you scared Black?" Ronald questioned her but in reality, he was afraid because he knows that she was the one who fought Dark lord last year down while Selene's expression was neutral.

"You wish Ronald." She said and they bowed to each other and started duelling but it came to stop abruptly when Ronald cast Serpensortia which is a spell used to produce a snake.

#who dared to summon me# it hissed.

#ssssorry for that but that stupid thought that it was a good spell even though he knows I can talk your noble tongue.# Selene replied.

#A speaker.# it hissed in delight which made Selene smile.

Severus banished the snake as he doesn't want other students to alienate Selene anymore than now. After that, they started walking to towards their dorm when Selene started to listen to the voice again and she started running ignoring the shouts of her friends and Draco followed the voice and was shocked to see Susan Bones. From that day the treatment of Selene got worst as students started to hex her in halls and corridors, Professors ignored her only Severus was her side trying to undo the treatment meanwhile an article appeared in daily prophet one morning.

Umbridge Sacked, Sentenced to Two Consecutive Life Sentences in Azkaban.

Found her dead in Crystal Alley.

Yesterday at Wizengamot section Under Secretary of our Esteemed Minister Fudge was found guilty because it was found that she was responsible for magical infant deaths who are half-blood and Muggle-borns.

She did that discreetly abusing her power. She also tried to kill Heiress Potter-black on many occasions when she was a child in a disguise after that Lord Black was furious and requested the Wizengamot to leave Umbridge for him and his family to discuss punishment but seeing his rage DMLE head and representative of Bones house declined it and gave verdict as Umbridge arrested and sentenced her two life consecutive life sentences which were agreed by whole Wizengamot body but Lord Black was quite miffed.

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