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I woke up and my head was pounding.

‘’Rose, you okay?’’I heard killing ask me, But I could see him it was dark, I could fell him though. His hand on my shoulder rubbing it with the pad of his thumb.

‘’I think so. What happened?’’I asked

‘’Some rocks fell on us but don’t worry we are fine. Its not enough to crush us.’’

‘’Is that why I cant see anything. Please don’t tell me i'm blind now’’

He laughed’’No, I cant see either so either we are both blind or the rocks are not letting in light’’

I laughed and slightly. There was so much I wanted to tell him. I had to get it out, i cant live with this guilt anymore.

‘’Killian there's something I need to tell you’’

‘’what is it?’’Killian asked.

‘’I didn’t mean what I said in Neverland. It was all a lie’’

‘’Why would you lie like that?’’he asked his voice clearly upset

‘’Peter told me he would kill you. I couldn’t risk it. He made a deal with me, you would be spared if I made you leave. Broke your heart and never saw you again. I had to Killian I had to. I would rather you be alive then dead. I never meant a word I said to you that night’’

It was silent for a minute until he spoke up.’’So you do have feelings?’’

A tear ran down my face’’yes, I do’’

We were interrupted by Emma.

‘’Elizabeth, Hook you guys okay?’’I heard Emma ask.

‘’Yeah were fine’’I said, clearing my throat.

Killian's touch was taken from my arm. Emma lifted some rocks away and  I saw Emma's hand and I took it. She helped me out.

‘’Liz, your okay?’’

I nodded’’yeah i'm good, thanks Emma’’

I turned and Emma took Killian's hand helping him out.

‘’You are bloody brilliant’’Killian said laughing.

''May I see it?’’Killian asked holding his hand out.’’The compass’’

Emma took it out of her pocket showing it to us. It was beautiful. It was a gold color and it looks really grand.

‘’Its more beautiful then legend’’Killian said mesmerized by it. He went to  grab it but Emma pulled it back and put it in her pocket.

‘’Come lets go’’Killian said. I nodded and stood up. But Emma didn’t. she took a handcuff and cuffed his hand.

‘’Emma what are you doing!’’I yelled.

I saw the chain was connected to a pillar next to Killian. Emma stood up and pulled me behind her. Killian stood up from his knee's looking surprised

‘’what are you doing?’’ He asked

‘’Emma let him go!’’I shouted.

‘’I cant, I cant’’Emma said

‘’Emma look at me. Have I told you a lie? I brought you and Rose here, I risked my safety to help you. The compass is in your hand, why do this to me now?’’Killian asked

‘’I cant take a chance that i'm wrong about you’’Emma said

‘’Emma I trust him with my life. He has done nothing wrong, now let him go’’I demanded. I wont leave him here. I just wont. I cant do it again.

‘’sorry’’Emma said grabbing my arm and tried walking away.

‘’No,Emma! I'm not going!’’I yelled getting my arm out of her grip.

‘’I wont leave him here Emma. I wont leave him again’’I said looking in her eyes pleading with her. She shook her head.

‘’I'm not leaving you here either’’

‘’No, Emma. Your not my mother you cant tell me what to do! He has done nothing wrong! I cant just leave him here! I'm staying with him’’

She looked from Killian to me.’’I'm sorry’’

I felt powder go on my face and then i felt drowsy and i closed my eyes, everything going black.

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