chapter twenty eight - addicted

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The following Monday, the Gryffindor sixth-years all walked together to their first class of the day, DADA. Lily knew that their lesson that day - learning silent spells - would be tiring, and she sighed, thinking of her day. She wouldn't even get a break after lessons, as James had booked the pitch for after lessons. The match against Slytherin was coming up, three days before Lily's birthday in fact.

Proffesor Mcgonagall was already inside, and from her desk she motioned for them to come in. Once they'd all entered the classroom, she closed the door with a wave of her wand and stood up, coming around to the front of her desk.

"Good morning, Gryffindors." She said, her voice ringing around the class despite the fact that it was soft.

"Good morning, Proffesor," they all chorused back in unison.

"Now I'm sure you all know what we are doing today - silent incantations." She paused. "I would like you all to partner up - the same partner as in our last lesson, Mr Black - in order to work on this."

She waved her hand, gesturing for them to get to their partners. Sirius sat behind Lily with James, so he just swapped seats with Marlene.

"Stand up and find a space for yourself and your partner." They did as asked, Sirius and Lily migrating to the same place by the door as always.

Mcgonagall began walking through the class, speaking as she did. "Once you get the hang of it, silent spells are very easy - and very effective, might I add - in duels. I would like you all to get into the duel stance-" they did as told. "The trick for learning silent spells is simple. You have to be able to think solely on the spell itself and the results of your spell, in order for it to work."

Sirius scrunched his eyes shut, and waved his wand at Lily in a swish and flick motion. Nothing happened.

At the end of the lesson, not even Remus - the DADA master -  had managed to perform a silent spell.

"I'll just practice on it in my free time," Remus said when Peter pointed it out.

The next class they had was Potions. Currently, the Slytherins had Herbology so they wouldn't be joining in the lesson. James and Lily decided to just sit by their normal desk, instead of swapping around with Remus and Laurelle when they began to work.

Slughorn waddled into class at that moment and went straight to his desk.

"Good morning class!" He cried heartily, his jowls quivering as they balanced his grin.

"Good morning Proffesor," the Gryffindors mumbled.

"So today, you are going to be brewing an Elixir to Induce Euphoria. Can anyone tell me what that is?"

Lily's hand shot up instantly.

"Ah, Ms Evans, if you please." Slughorn grinned.

Lily said, "As the name implies, this potion induces sudden euphoria in the drinker - excessive singing and nose-tweaking are possible side-effects - however, a sprig of peppermint added to the potion helps to counterbalance."

"It's like she bloody recites from the textbook," Sirius muttered to James, an awestruck expression on his face as Slughorn roared his praise.

"You may get the ingredients and begin," Slughorn said.

James inmediately stood up and walked over to the store cupboards, sending a grin at Lily that made her heart melt. Sirius turned and winked at both Marlene and Lily before following James.

"You really like him, don't you." Marlene said, catching the look in Lily's eyes. With a sigh, Lily nodded.

"But then why not tell him?" Marlene inquired.

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