Chapter Fifteen

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Percy couldn't conceal his shock. "Andronicus...." Percy started.

"Yes." This "Andronicus" confirmed.



"Andronicus Jackson." Percy repeated. Andronicus gulped but nodded. "People, uh, people call me Andy." Andronicus- Andy explained to Percy. "Who the hell are you?" Percy asked angrily after a beat of silence. "I'm Andronicus Jackson." Andy replied. Percy huffed annoyedly. "Well, we got a real jokester here, don't we?"

"My name is Andronicus Jackson. I go by Andy. I am the demigod child of Sally Jackson and the Greek god Poseidon. My birthday is August 18th. I am 21 years old. I am a lieutenant in Lord Kronos' army." Andy explained. "Tell me one thing, then, Andy: if you really are my brother- scratch that, twin brother, then why the hell have I never heard of your very existence?" Percy spat. Andy winced slightly, like he'd been slapped.

"When we were both born, Poseidon decided that two of us alive would be much too threatening to Olympus. Therefore, he told Zeus of my existence, not yours. He convinced King Asshole that I was an only child. Zeus threw me into Tartarus, probably assuming I'd die. But...Nyx rescued me. She raised me up until I was of age to join Kronos. I've been here since then- with Kronos. Mom- Sally- was given water from the River Lethe when I was thrown into Tartarus, assuring her forgetting I even existed." Andronicus explained.

Percy was frozen, shell shocked. How was he supposed to respond to that?

"Brother. I have....a brother?" Percy asked hesitantly and quietly. Andy grinned, a smile exactly the same as Percy's. "Yeah. Yeah, you do." Percy wanted to explode from the happiness in that moment. He wanted to rush over and hug his twin, hug him enough to make up for the twenty-one lost years. But, they didn't know each other well enough yet. In fact, Percy and Andy knew nothing about each other, other than the fact they were twins.

Percy stuck out his hand for Andy to shake. "Nice to meet you, Andy." Andy's grin grew even further, eagerly shaking hands with Percy. Percy glanced over at the others and saw them all smiling happily. A sudden remembrance washed over Percy and all happiness exited him. "Wait up a gods damn minute, here." Percy hissed. Andy's hand shot back from where it was resting, afraid he'd angered his brother.

"Percy?" Juliana asked carefully. "Poseidon erased you from my mother and I's memories." "Yes...?" Andy confirmed. "Zeus threw you into Tartarus." "Yes." "And now Kronos is keeping you prisoner here?" Percy was fuming. "Well, yes, but it's okay-" Percy stormed out of the room, hand grabbing Katastrofí in his pocket, quickly uncapping the sword. "Percy! Percy, no!" Various shouts erupted from behind him, but Percy kept running towards the throne room- towards Kronos.

He flung open the doors, Kronos looking up from his meeting with four other leaders in surprise. "Jackson." Kronos' voice was warning. Percy rushes the Titan, shoving him backwards until his back was against the wall. Percy held the sword to his throat, blade skimming over the skin. "How fucking dare you! You're keeping my brother prisoner?! Why didn't you even let me know I have a brother?!" Percy screamed at the Titan. Kronos gulped nervously but looked slightly relieved when the other demigods rushed in, Andy among them.

"Listen, Jackson. It's nothing. Just a mistake. I was gonna tell you-" "When?! When we're you going to tell me: before or after you sent me through the cleansing process?!" Kronos flinched a little before regaining his stony composure. "Percy, let him go. Please." Andy begged. Percy just held the sword closer and closer.

Percy gasped as he went flying through the air, landing hard on his back. He hadn't even felt Kronos push him, his Titan strength flinging the demigod further than necessary. Percy has the wind knocked out of him so he laid there, breathing heavily and trying to regain air.

Kronos was suddenly looming over him. "I said: one more loss of control would result in your cleansing." Kronos sneered, snapping his fingers. And then all Percy saw was darkness.

When Percy woke up, he gasped for air, feeling like his body was made of lead and a massive weight was pushing down on his chest. "Release, release!" Kronos' voice shouted frantically. All the weight and lead-like feeling suddenly disappeared from Percy, the demigod feeling all floaty. "Jackson?" Percy's head killed sideways, looking at Kronos. "Hi." He said quietly, closing his eyes. "No, no, no. You can't go to sleep, Jackson. Hey. Hey! You can't fall asleep!" Somehow, Kronos' voice sounded concerned. "Why?" Percy whined. "Because you'll die." Kronos stayed annoyedly. Percy smirked, but he still looked drugged from the cleansing. "Really? That'd be neat I guess....real neat." Percy drawled out. Then, once again, darkness claimed him.

When Percy finally woke up again, he felt...numb. Like, like he was just existing, not actually doing anything. "Jackson?" Kronos asked from Percy's right. Percy's head turned and looked at him, his eyes unresponsive. "Yes?" The demigod asked. "Do you feel alright?" The Titan questioned. "I'm perfectly fine." Percy's voice was flat. "Alright. Good. All your friends are waiting for you outside the door, Jackson. You may leave when you're ready." Percy nodded and climbed off the table he was sitting on, waltzing towards the door, like nothing had happened.

As soon as he opened the door, Percy was immediately ambushed by people hugging him. "Percy!" They all shouted. Percy just stood there, feeling the arms wrap around him. Eventually, they realized how uncomfortable and how stiff he was, easing the son of Poseidon from their holds. "Percy, are you okay?" Andy asked. "Why is everyone asking that? Yes, I'm fine." Everyone shot backwards, gasping. This was not their Percy. And- hell- they may have only known him for a little over a day and a half, but that was long enough to know what he was like.

"Percy, what happened to you?" Arabella cried out. Percy frowned and cocked his head to the side slightly, trying to recall the oft of his memory that would answer the daughter of Ares' question. "I believe that Kronos sent me through...the Cleansing? Yes." Percy answered. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as all the demigods looked at each other.

"Percy, you really should call Sally Blofis and tell her about the process." Juliana said carefully. Percy stared for a minute.

"I'm sorry, who?"

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