Chapter 1

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Walking into my front door, I threw my keys onto the couch, took my shoes off and walked upstairs to my room. I huffed and threw myself onto my bed face first.

I groaned into my pillow knowing I had to get up eventually to take a shower.

Finally deciding to get up, I sighed stripping off my shirt while walking to my bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my sweaty reflection looking back at me.

Going to the gym had been one of my favorite things to do ever since I moved into this apartment, along with the dance class I instruct.

I forced my tired legs to lift while I took my leggings off, groaning at how sore and stiff my legs had gotten just by standing for a few minutes.

I walked over to the shower, turning it on and hopping in. Washing the dirt and grime from my body, I wondered what I wanted to eat tonight.

I thought about it for a minute before giving up and deciding i'll wait for Gabe to get home so we can talk about it.

Finishing up my shower, I turned the shower off and rung my hair out. Grabbing a towel and wrapping it around my body, I stepped out of the shower and walked onto my room.

Opening my closet, I picked out some simple black leggings, a sports bra and an oversized black hoodie.

I dried my hair with a blow dryer, put some coconut oil into it and tied it up into a messy bun.

On my way downstairs, I heard the front door open and close. I went the rest of the way downstairs and saw Gabe taking his shoes off and throwing his bag on the couch.

"Hey." I said walking up to him. "How was work?" I asked hugging him. He sighed and rolled his eyes indicating it wasn't to good.

"A girl threw her drink into my face because I gave her 'pepsi' instead of coke." I gasped and looked at him in shock. We stood for a second looking at each other before bursting into laughter.

We both sat down on the couch sighing after our fit of laughing.

"So you had a pretty decent day then right?" He rolled his eyes and chuckled. "Compared to other days, yes." I grabbed the remote and turned the tv on, turning it to netflix.
I looked over at Gabe and smiled, suddenly hearing a little whine coming from the corner of the room.

"Oh my baby! I forgot to let you out!"

I raced over to the little kennel and unlatched it letting the puppy out. Immediately after, the little black frenchie was attacking my face with kisses. I squealed and got up, running to the couch.

Una followed close behind, jumping onto the couch and sitting in between me and Gabe.

"I'm sorry my little baby. I didn't mean to" I said squishing her face into my own. Gabe laughed and grabbed the puppy, placing her on his lap.

"At least your daddy is here, baby." He said cooing to the spoiled puppy.

I giggled and started looking for something on netflix. "Oh yeah, what did you want to do for dinner tonight? I can cook or we can order in." Gabe thought for a second and groaned.

"Chipotle doesn't deliver." he said rubbing his face. "Its okay, I can go pick some up."

I got up and went to the front door and put my shoes on. "Text me what you want." I said before grabbing my keys and walking out the door.
I walked down the hallway and stopped in front of the elevator. I pushed the button down and waited. The doors opened and soon I was down stairs in my car.

The car ride was silent but peaceful. Enjoying moments like this, especially with this weather. Rainy and cloudy.

I pulled up to chipotle and went inside, getting in line. Once in line, I checked my phone to see if Gabe had texted me his order.

His order consisted of a burrito bowl with everything on it accept with chips on the side and extra guac.

I put my phone in my hoodie pocket and waited for my turn in line. Waiting in line wasn't one of my favorite things to do. Some people either take to long, others are too picky on what they want or how they want it.

In this case, the poor worker was being hassled because he accidentally put the guac on top instead of on the side.

I sighed and pulled my phone out, opening snapchat to snap the incident and sending it to gabe. Five minutes later, I was two people behind from the front.

Still waiting patiently for my turn, I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

I turned around was greeted by a guy wearing all black with an expensive camera in his hands, accompanied by who I may assume is his dad.

"Hey, I was wondering if you'd like to be in our bit?" I looked at the guy, wondering what he was asking and what the hell what a bit was.

"I'm sorry," I said softly, "Who are you?"


Hey guys!

This is my new fanfict! I know I have been heavy slacking on my other fanficts but this one is one I am highly inspired on. If you haven't guessed, its about david dobrik :)

Ive read a fair amount of them and there is honestly not too many of them, so im hoping this grabs your attention and sucks you in. Please message me or comment me if you like to help me!

~Thank you.

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