Chapter 20: What, Exactly, Do We Get Out Of It?

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What on earth have you two done, this time? She thought with a mild shake of her head.

Darcy and Elizabeth were notorious for their city-wide heists, sneaking into houses and shops and other buildings without so much as raising a single alarm, the owners waking the next day to realise that something precious of theirs was missing...

They were criminals, she had to admit it. But they never usually did anything to harm the people; they were just after the challenge and thrill of the theft.

But sometimes, as one would expect, it got them into a whole heap of trouble.

Once, her class had been taught about a time when the two of them had finally been arrested and sent to prison, after they were caught trying to rob some rich estate of a precious artifact.

But the following day, and despite the fact they had been thrown in separate cells, both had somehow managed to escape, without a single trace...

She had always admired how crafty they were, even if they used their skills to break the occasional law or two...

It was almost an hour later, well into the dead of night now, before the two of them finally managed to shake the police off of their tail.

Ryn watched as, in a quiet side street, between two buildings, they pulled over, the sirens switching off, leaving red and blue lights dancing behind her lids.

She arced up to land on the roof of the squat building – only two stories – stumbling awkwardly on to her knees.

Still can't get that quite right, Aderyn. She scolded herself, scrambling across to peer over the edge of the roof, focusing her sharp eyes to the street below.

Darcy stepped out first, the passenger door swinging open, and his overjoyed laughter spilling out into the night air as he bounced onto the sidewalk.

'Now that was a ride, don't you agree, love?' He called out to her, his face brightened with a grin. 'Nice driving by the way.'

Elizabeth didn't even bother to open the door. She just stepped out... her body passing through it. For a moment, the woman appeared almost... transparent, before her skin resolidified on the outside of the door.

Ryn felt her lips curl into a small smile.

Elizabeth Graeson, the woman who could walk through walls. Her mutation allowed her to alter the molecular structure of her body in a way that enabled her to move through solid objects. According to what she had read about her, she could do the same with anyone, or anything, she was directly touching.

Ryn assumed such an ability would come in very handy when stealing priceless items from right underneath the noses of The Light's wealthy individuals.

She watched closely, her vision focused in on the criminal duo below.

'Thanks,' Elisabeth replied, her voice much quieter than Darcy's. She hissed, 'But keep your voice down for Pete's sake! The boys in blue will hear us from their headquarters.'

Even so, her face was also adorned with a bright, thrilling grin, which matched that of her partner's.

'Does it matter?' Darcy countered, his grin turning sly. 'We'll be long gone by the time they even think to track the car.'

He held out her hand to her, and she took it, letting him pull her closer so he could grace his lips across the back of her knuckles.

'Shall we?' He winked.

Ryn rolled her eyes, snapping her wings out as she crouched upon the edge of the rooftop.

If she didn't get down there, these two lovebirds were going to walk straight through the walls into the building below. She'd never catch up with them in there. By the time she even found her way into the locked building, they'd be long gone.

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