Chapter 20: What, Exactly, Do We Get Out Of It?

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Ryn's wings beat furiously at the air around her, racing to keep up with the blaring sirens below.

Red and blue lights flashed in rhythmic patterns, a blinding waltz, searing into her sensitive vision.

But she refused to lose them. If they escaped her, now, then she wasn't sure how long it'd be until she found them a second time. And time was swiftly slipping through her fingers.

Her sharp eyes trained down through the window, as she soared parallel with the police car down the wide street.

In the driver's seat, she could see a young woman, perhaps not yet thirty, hands gripping the wheel with white knuckles, her face veiled with determination, and framed with locks of auburn hair.

The passenger seat held a man of a similar age, his mouth hanging open in a healthy grin, his eyes bright and wild, as though with the thrill of some form of chase.

In fact... that's exactly what this was.

For the people riding this vehicle were none other than the city's resident cat-burglars, Elizabeth Graeson, and Darcy More.

Both of them were mutants.

And both of them were Legacies...

Or rather... they would be.

If they got out of this with their freedom intact.

Behind her, Ryn could hear the wails of fellow police cars, tearing down the road in its wake.

Darcy flicked his head back, to scan the road behind him, searching through the maze of disoriented drivers to lock on to their pursuers.

Ryn saw him mouth something to his partner in crime, both of their faces lighting up with something resembling rapture.

They were being hunted down by the city authorities. And they loved it.

Earlier that afternoon, Ryn had finally talked Kiley into splitting up. The main cause for such persuasion was the fact that it would involve taking a journey to the Garden of Pendragon, in attempt to ask Jackson Frost to jump on the 'superhero bandwagon' Ryn had crafted. Though sceptical of how she came into the knowledge of Jackson being a mutant, the suspicion was quickly overshadowed by the storm of excitement swelling within Kiley's mind at the thought of going to the plant nursery as her next mission.

Meanwhile, Aderyn had taken off into the city skies, in search of the remaining four Legacies.

She hadn't the slightest idea where to begin, but when she thought about it, every single one of them, apart from Kiley, Ryn had run into through chance.

She was desperately hoping that such luck would remain throughout the rest of her search.

Which is what led her, several hours later, to the police chase uptown, cars weaving throughout the high rise buildings like crazed ants in the wake of a storm.

Briefly she wondered how the couple had managed to commandeer a police car, but she supposed, with their combined abilities, it probably wouldn't have taken all that much...

They took a sharp turn left, cutting in front of traffic, who all screeched to a halt before collision, and took off down the adjacent street.

Aderyn, surprised by the sudden change in direction, shot past the intersection, before sharply wheeling back, keeping their sirens in view.

She dove down after them, making sure to keep up the next time they took an abrupt turn, in attempt to lose the chasing cars.

It had worked to some degree. Their pursuers had fallen behind. Not enough to lose sight of them, but certainly enough to raise the chance of escape.

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