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Chaos had broken out.

Their plan, once considered infallible, had crumbled away to dust before their very eyes.

The Glass Angel stooped into a dive, arrowing towards the ground beside her teammates.

Smoke was filling the air, waves of heat bearing down from the direction of the great mass of machinery.

'Inferno!' Radiance shouted. 'Can't you control that?'

'I tried! But it's not fire!' he cried back, blasting one of the remaining small metal scorpions out of the way. 'I can't do a thing!'

'Tesla and I have made it to the centre!' Queen's voice rung out on all of their coms. 'We're going to try to destroy it from the source!'

'What?! No!' Monster roared. 'Get back out here, the both of you! It's too dangerous!'

'Doesn't matter what we do, it's going to be dangerous!' she countered. 'If we can stop this from blowing itself up, then we'll have a chance to save the city!'

Monster looked positively outraged, such emotion tinged with traces of visible fear. A dangerous combination. Especially for him.

He snarled, and Angel noticed his pupils dilate, his teeth sharpening ever so slightly before he could rein himself back in.

She knew perfectly well the dangers of this situation. Too well.

But they had come too far to give up, now.

It didn't matter what happened after this, she knew they couldn't walk away.

The villain may have been taken down, but he had every intention of taking the city down with him...

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