Chapter 9

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Thomas POV

 I started to wake up. Listening to everything around me. I opened my eyes to see darkness. I'm confused as to why I can't see. I tried to move my hands and legs. They're tied down tightly on what I'm guessing is a metal table. I heard shifting to my left. As an instinct, I turned to see who it was. What the hell happened?

"Who's there?" I asked. For a while, I didn't get a response.

"It's Newt. Why the bloody hell are we tied up? Why can't I see?" He started to panic.

"Calm down Newt. I can't see either." I sighed. Suddenly I remember. Jenson. That son of a bitch! I knew that Theo wasn't good. 

"Jenson." I said. I heard shifting as if Newt was trying to look as if I was joking.

"How is he bloody alive? I thought that rat was dead?" 

" I thought so, too" I heard a door being opened.

" Well, hello boys. How are my favorite runner and glue doing?" Knowing that was Jenson talking, I fought back the urge to spit in his direction.

" Why can't we see?" 

"Oh, I put a little something something in the "shot" you got."

"What do you want?" This isn't going to be good if he's working with WICKED again.

" Now why would I tell you what I want?Hmm? Now that's a stupid thing to ask. It's the first thing that your kind ask. ' Are you gonna kill me?' ' I'll do anything!' No, No! I just want to have fun!" Jenson replied with a craziness and death sound to it. I started to feel pain in my eyes. I gasped as it grew. I hear Newt doing the same. It felt like two million needles are being stabbed into my eyes thousands of times. 

"AAHHHH!" Newt yelled with me following along. I hear Jenson laugh like a psyco. 

"You like that? That is the first stage of this trial. Welcome to the Ring." He then left. Leaving the that held both Newts and I screams secured behind.

Minho POV

I knew something was off as I walked to Thomas and Newts house. Thomas had told me what he felt about Theo.( not like that guys,come on now! =>) I always trust Thomas and his feelings. I opened the door of their house. It looks like a tornado had went through here. I started to look around when I saw a syringe. On the side, it read WICKED. Knowing damn well where they went. Me being me, I started to pack somethings for the trip. I fucking hate WICKED with a passion. I was about to leave I saw something else. A letter from WICKED.

 Dear Minho,

         We know that you're at the house now. We were coming for you, too. We decided that we want to have some fun. Let's play a game of life or death. The stars are Thomas and Newt. The players will be: Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Malia Hale Tate, Derek Hale, Argent, Kira, and Liam. You, too. You can ask anyone in the pack information when given. If you get the question wrong, we inject dear Thomas and Newt with something, well evil, how about that. Your friends may help along the way when we get to an important subject. Let's get started. Welcome to the Death Games.



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