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Chapter 2

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Ava's POV

The traffic makes getting through town slow. I spend the drive wondering what on earth Shawn might have planned for us.

I first started working at Molly's when I moved to Boston; that was where I first talked to Shawn. Well, more like completely embarrassed myself whilst making him coffee.

What I didn't know at the time was that Shawn gave Molly the money to open the cafe and owned half of it as a silent partner.

Two years ago, Molly decided she wanted to sell her shares and retire, so Shawn bought her out with a very generous lump sum. Since then, on top of his career, he has somehow managed to franchise "Molly's café" across Boston. There's six of them here now, and two just opened in New York. I had no idea Shawn was so interested, or good, at business until I found out how he invests all of the money he's made over the years from fighting.

I park outside the cafe. The quiet street is mostly empty because all of the stores are now closed. The cafe should be as well, which is why I'm so confused as to why he asked me to come here.

"Hello," I call, pushing the unlocked entrance door open. It always makes me smile coming back here. It reminds me so much of college, first moving to Boston, meeting Shawn and falling in love.

"Shawn—wow." I stop in my tracks, dropping my purse onto one of the seats.

It's dark outside, but the cafe's fairy lights are glowing gold, along with the candles lit around the place. It looks beautiful. The numerous tables usually set up are gone. There's just one in the centre of the room, elegantly set with cutlery.

This is the most romantic, adorable thing I have ever seen. I know I'm grinning like an idiot.

"Boo." I jump in fright, too focused on the cafe to notice Shawn appear behind me.

His tattooed arms wrap around my waist, holding me against the firmness of his torso. The sleeves of his black button-up shirt are rolled to his elbows, and I can do nothing but stare at how good he looks when I peek up at him.

"You are very romantic, Shawn Michaels," I whisper, resting my head back against the muscle of his shoulder. Someone perfectly pushed his hair back from his freshly shaven face that looks too handsome to be real. His lips curl in an amused smile, though he ignores my statement and places his lips on mine instead.

His kiss is gentle, familiar, and slow. The combination, along with the smell of his cologne and the roughness of his hands on my waist, is enough to make my head spin.

"Ava," he teases, pulling away from our kiss just enough to look at me. His eyes are dark, filled with emotion, many of them I can't read.

"This is all so amazing," I tell him, glancing around again. He doesn't release his hold on me, and my eyes close on their own accord when his lips fan my neck. "Shawn," I warn teasingly, though I tilt my head when he places delicate kisses across my skin. His mouth is gentle, torturously so. My stomach clenches when his teeth playfully graze the spot just below my ear.

"Hungry?" he asks casually, pulling away with a boyish grin. I narrow my eyes at him, attempting to regain control of my breathing.

"Starving," I answer, without removing my gaze from his.

"Good." He takes my hand in his much larger one, guiding me to the table. I thank him as he pulls out my chair for me, ever the gentleman.

He disappears into the kitchen, returning with two brown paper bags. I can't hide my laugh the moment I see them. "Two everything burgers, large fries and chocolate shakes." He holds up the bags proudly. The sight is beyond amusing.

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