Living Again~ Eight

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"You look gorgeous Marissa!" 

"It's perfect!" 

"I told you it would suit her!" 

"That you did, just look at her!"

"Will you guys shut up and let me see it for myself?" I grumbled. They didn't allow me to look in the mirror during my makeover. The only change I could see in myself were my nails since we went for manicures and I got mine painted a dark purple. Then we ended up here at the hair salon, so I could get a haircut. Or so I thought. Once we arrived they told me we were going to get make up done and everything.

I could see how amazing they all looked but apparently they had to surprise me with my own new look.

"Ok," Katelyn said, "Ready?"

I just rolled my eyes. She took that as a yes and revolved the chair so I could look at myself.

My eyes grew wide at the sight of the girl in front of me. My once dull, brunette hair was now layered and had some blonde highlights. It was just below my shoulders and I had a side fringe. Perfect.

When I looked closer at me face, my high cheekbones were more defined. With the blush on and mascara, even my face looked pretty.

"So, what do you think?" Shelly asked, who had planned my whole look herself.

"I love it." I smiled into the mirror.

Jess and Mia wanted to go shopping after that but I was too exhausted by all the changes around me despite the fact that it wasn't even time for dinner yet. All this sudden socialising had been very overwhelming.

I told them to go ahead without me because it was obvious they were dying to check out the malls here. I gave them my new phone number since I lost the old one in the accident. We talked a bit about when we would ever see each other again but I promised to keep in touch from now on. Then they left after giving me several bone-crushing hugs.

That night, dinner was a little less awkward with Joe and Claire. Mainly because I had things to tell them about my day which they were eager to hear about. Both of them had been shocked when they saw me, and Claire almost teared up. I admitted I had been mad at her at first for inviting my friends over without my permission. But after seeing the results of it, I was so grateful.

As we ate, I found myself telling them all the crazy things I had done with my friends in the last few years. All the pranks and all the dares- memories I wouldn't have wanted to think about just this morning. They smiled widely throughout the conversation, happy to see me coming out of the shell.

Even I was surprised at myself. Who knew the day which started with waiting for Ethan in the library would end up like this? Life is full of surprises.

I was feeling better than I had in a long time as I lay there on my bed. I relived the whole day in my head.

Waiting for Ethan, laughing at his childish handkerchief, discussing the project with him, letting him drive me home, smiling at his eagerness to have lunch with me, telling him we weren't friends, then-

Crap. Thinking of all this made me realise something. I hadn't started smiling and laughing when I met up with my friends. It happened hours before I even knew they were coming. I didn't want to feel this way, but I now knew how rude I had been to Ethan. I couldn't ignore it when guilt poured into me. I had to apologise.

I took out my phone hesitantly, still thinking of reasons why he doesn't deserve an apology. I had already beat him up for what he did to me. I had no excuses left so I slowly typed a message:

Sorry for how I acted. I just had a lot on my mind. -Marissa

I stared at the screen until the reply came:

It's ok. Does that mean we ARE almost friends? -Ethan

Yes, almost. -Marissa

I smiled slightly at how eager he was.

Wanna meet up for the project? -Ethan

Sure. Same place, same time -Marissa

Cool. So since we're almost friends, will you be kind enough to go for lunch with me? -Ethan

What is up with him and going for lunch? I thought about it for a while. It wouldn't hurt. If I didn't take up the offer, I'd end up eating alone. So I replied unwillingly,

Fine. -Marissa

He didn't reply for a while so I started pulling the blanket on top of me to go to sleep. Then I remembered something. I turned the lights back on, took a pen and canceled out:  

1. Get a haircut- maybe highlights too?

1 down, 11 more to go.

I woke up a few hours later gasping and thrashing around the bed. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I tried to get the nightmare out of my head. It was haunting me, the same scene, the worst time of my life. Yet I'm forced to see it replay in my head every night. I took out my phone and checked the time.

1 new message sent at around 11 p.m, it was now 4 a.m.

Good night, see you tomorrow! -Ethan

I knew it was too late, but I replied anways, just to give myself something to do before attempting to go back to sleep.

Good night. -Marissa

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