The Console

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(take note they both are the same age)

Jungkook and Jimin were both playing the Xbox console in Jimin's room, it was around 5 pm and Jimin's parents still haven't came back from work leaving the two boys alone.

"How the fuck are you winning??" questioned Jungkook as he saw that Jimin was winning against him. "Practice. Plus I'm a master at this game" Jimin replied. Jungkook just scoffed and continued to play but after a while he found himself actually winning against Jimin who looked baffled.

"Oooh how the tables have turned" Jungkook smirked as he saw he was in the lead, Jimin carefully watched Jungkook's tactics and figured out that it was just luck, up until he saw the way Jungkook averted his eyes from his screen to Jimin's.

"Keep it up and I'll fuck you up" Jimin threatened. "Excuse me what?" Jungkook questioned and paused the game. "You heard me, keep it up or I'll fuck you up. Cheater" Jimin sneered back

"I was not" Jungkook said. Jimin merely chuckled and turned back to unpause the game and continue. "I see how it is" Jungkook mumbled to himself.

*some time later*

"Shut UP!" Jimin yelled and continued. Throughout the game Jungkook kept taunting Jimin until finally Jimin snapped. "SHUT UP" Jimin yelled once more and turned towards Jungkook.

"MAKE ME YOU BITCH" Jungkook yelled back and suddenly Jimin grabbed Jungkook by the shoulders and pushed him against the wall. He slowly leaned in to whisper in Jungkook's ear "I'd fuck you up real good right now but.... I ain't gay. No homo bro" Jimin smiled and looked back at Jungkook's face.

Jungkook stood still staring into Jimin's eyes, slightly blushing, and quietly replied back, "but bro... I'm full homo for you right now" Jungkook quietly said. He awaited Jimin's respond but all he got was a scoff and a "bro chill" as he saw Jimin sit back down on the bean bag and continue to play. Jungkook was flustered but he put the feeling aside and sat back down beside Jimin and joined in.

short but eh I suck butt. The End tho :)

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