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*Sorry quick note, if you guys don't like cussing i'm sorry, in this chapter i wrote 2 or 3 cuss words. So i'm sorry if you don't like cussing but i put it in the sentence because i think sometimes it adds to the scene. Anyways on to the chapter*

We had our plan in motion. Emma and I were at the top of this huge statue. Emma had the pouch of powder in her hand and I was on the other side of the statue head. Killian grabbed a huge ass bone and walked to the other side of the door frame.

‘’You ready?’’Killian asked

I nodded and then Killian slammed the bone down on a medal shield 3 times. Then there was silence before we heard a huge growling, screaming noise. There were footsteps and the statue began to shake.i held on  tight to the statue. If I fell then the whole plan is ruined and i'm pretty sure i would die or be in very bad shape.Then I saw the giant come out and he was huge. The statue looked small compared to him. I looked at Emma and i noticed that she couldn't blow the powder if she cant reach the giant.  It had to be in his face or it wont work.

‘’Oy! You git!’’I heard Killian say. My eyes shot to him and he walked out in front of the giant. Is he crazy?

‘’Wana kill a human?Huh? Want to kill a human?’’

Was he seriously doing this! If he gets killed I swear! Then I realized what he was doing.

‘’Cause i'm the worst human around, so come on!’’Killian yelled

‘’Come on then!’’Killian said running towards the statue. The giant turned around and bent over to try to pick Killian up but he didn’t get the chance because Emma threw the powder at his face. The giant fell down on the floor, out cold. I gripped onto the statue as a load thud occurred. Oh my god Killian! Did he get pinned under the giant?

‘’Killian!’’I yelled looking for him

‘’Hook?’’Emma yelled

‘’He's out cold’’

I signed in relief hearing his voice as he stood up. He was alive, thank the lord!

‘’I think we make quiet the team the three of us’’Killian said and I rolled my eyes.

‘’Let's go steal a compass’’Emma said

I started climbing down the statue being careful. I got to the last step and I felt two arms around my waist. Killian. He helped me down and I turned and looked at him. I gave him a soft smile.

‘’Thank's’’I said

‘’No problem’’

At that moment I wanted to tell him everything.But the words wouldn’t come out. I heard a thud and saw Emma just jump down.

‘’lets go’’she said. I nodded and we walked past the giant and in to the cave. We walked down the hallway and then saw a bunch of treasures.

‘’They hid all there stolen treasures in here. Piled of jewels and every room filled with coins’’

I didn’t hear his footsteps beside me and I looked and saw him picking at a gold basket filled with gold coins.

‘’Seriously, Killian’’I said crossing my arms

‘’Lets get to it’’Emma said

‘’whats the rush’’he said as he smelt the gold coin.

‘’oh, there's just a giant that is knocked out from magic powder and could eat us for supper so yeah we don’t have that long of a time period’’I said Emma and I shared a look before walking after him. We walked into a room and saw there was treasure eveywere. It was scattered all over.

‘’Did you call a giant housekeeper too. How are we gonna find a compass in this mess?’’Emma asked

‘’By looking’’Killian pointed to the left of him’’ Start searching.’’ Killian started walking and I followed Emma behind me.

‘’I wonder how much treasure we can get down the bean stalk? Addition to the compass’’

‘’Well i'm not carrying it’’I said

We stumbled across a skeleton on the floor.

‘’What the hell?’’Emma asked

‘’That would be Jack’’Killian said pointing to the sword that said Jack engraved on it.

‘’As in jack?’’

‘’The giant killer’’Killian said

‘’That toothpick?’’Emma asked and I laughed. Its true.

‘’Backs quit a wall up, you would be surprised’’

I saw Killian start backing up and there was a rope there. A trap.

‘’Killian!’’I yelled and ran towards him grabbing his arm and bringing him away from the line, closer to me. My arms around his waist. i haven't been this close to him in so long.

‘’It's about bloody time’’he teased smirking at me and I rolled my eyes and pushed him to the side.

‘’It's trip wire, dumbass’’I said

We looked up and saw a cage on the ceiling ready to fall down when the wire is activated.

‘’Quit the security system’’Emma said

‘’Well that’s a good excuse for grabbing me’’Killian said’’next time don’t stand on ceremony’’

‘’lets just find the compass and go home’’Emma said getting the attention away from me.

‘’Okay lets search’’I said stepping over the wire and started walking.  There is so much treasure its going to take a long time to find the compass. I started with a basket with gold coins in it but nothing. I turned and saw Emma and Killian searching as well.

‘’So in here somewhere’’

‘’elegantly’’Killian said

I walked closer to them and started looking in this bowl.

‘’Give me a boost would you, love?’’Killian asked pointing to me.

‘’Seriously’’I said walking closer to him.

‘’So I cant see what your pocketing? No way. You give me a boost’’Emma said walking over to us.

‘’Take a chance darling, its called trust’’Killian said

I trusted Killian with my life but I don’t know about Emma.

‘’we do it side by side and fast’’Emma said and then we heard the giants footsteps shaking the ground. Shit, he's up. I shared a look of concern with Emma. This wont be good at all.

‘’someones up’’Killian said

‘’No shit, Sherlock’’I said

‘’My name isn’t Sherlock’’Killian said

The footsteps were getting nearer. The treasure falling on the floor. Killian took my hand

‘’Quick get under something’’Killian said dragging me with him and Emma in tow. I looked behind us and saw the giant was closer. My grip on Killian hand tightened.

‘’Emma come over here now!’’I said but it was no use. Emma was standing there staring at the giant. The ground was shaking like there was an earthquake. My balance was almost losing. The giant started running towards us. . I felt Killian arms around my body shielding me. I looked up and saw rocks falling towards us. Then everything went black.

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