Chapter 31

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He was just standing there. He looked exactly like Natsu but more ...demon like. It was almost surreal because I've never seen anything like this before. But at this point with everything that's been going on in my life, I should be used to it. But surprisingly I'm still not because everyday is just something new.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!" He screams at me. I look at him. "I'm sorry...who are you?" I ask looking at him quizzically. At this point might as well just throw the question in since we're not into formal introductions. "Your soulmates demon part." And that was enough to make me snap out of my thoughts.

"Demon...?" I look into his eyes. "Yes doll face, demon. Now quit the interrogation. Mind telling me why I'm awake? This isn't supposed to happen unless..." He stops mid-sentence and that made my curiosity peek higher. So I ask again. "Unless what?"

"Unless you're dead , doll face." He shrugs off the answer like if it was just something normal. I nod but don't say anything after. This is going to be a long , and very interesting conversation.

Meanwhile with Natsu...

"Any luck?" I ask Mira as she connects the second blood bag to her IV. At this point I'm expecting her to wake up , since it's my blood and she's my mate. "Natsu the process will take a while , besides you should use this time to get some rest, she wouldn't want you worrying about her and nevertheless you losing sleep or not even eating." Mira tries to reason with me , but her attempts fail miserably. I just wanna see my girl again.

Why can't anyone understand that? Is it so difficult, I think that at this point the only two who are really getting the bigger picture here are Gray and Erza , but they've had already enough on their plate for me to be bothering them with my problems. Ever since Juvia , my life changed. And I wanted to be able to protect her from any harm , but seeing as to how weak I am to blood and witch compulsion , it became difficult to keep the promise I made to myself after all these years.

Juvia is my light and my mate. The love of my life , and she's going to be the only thing I'll ever love more than my cars or my PlayStation, heck even my mansion. It doesn't matter and it's not the same when you don't have anyone to share these things with , and make special memories with them. I've realized these days that the value of life needs to be taken more seriously because you never know when that person could be gone.

With Juvia I passed many headaches and sleepless nights , trust me when I tell you the girl isn't easy to deal with . She's reckless , caring , loving , temperamental, bipolar , stubborn, and crazy in the best of ways. She's real, she proved to me that you can love again and change for the good , even though like I said before I didn't do the best job at it. I failed her , and miserably. I hurt her and that's something I'll never forgive myself for.

That girl deserves better than me and my messy demon life. She deserves the world and so much more. And I'm going to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Hey guys so I know this hasn't been my best updated chapter but I hope you guys liked it since it's seeing in Natsu's perspective how he feels about everything and how much he really loves Juvia. Let me know in the comments what you think , I'd love to hear your thoughts on the book so far. Again thank you all lovely readers who still read this book and have patience with me, it means a lot. I hope you're all alright. Till the next time. ❤️

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