Secrets,Lies and Forbidden Love ( Restricted Chapters)*

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 Chapter 7

Sam dropped Abbey onto the bed, and started kissing her neck. he was kissing and sucking from her neck to her collarbone, going down further and further. Abbey was getting hotter and hotter, her breathing was becoming harder and she just wanted him right now, but he wasn't letting up, he was teasing her.

He unclipped her bra and threw it behind him, slowly kissing and massaging her breasts. He took one of her nipples in his mouth, and started to suck, causing her to let out a moan. Greg had never been like this with her, it was always rough and quick, no touching, no kissing. Just hard painful sex with no emotion.

She pulled at his shirt pulling it over his head, and rubbing her hands over his rock hard chest, she started to kiss his chest, but he moved so he could kiss lower. He was planting little kisses all over her stomach, over her hips he got down to her panties and pulled them off, she was completely naked now, but he still had his jeans on.

She pushed him back and unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down taking in the incredible sight of his well defined body. She was shocked at the size of the bulge in his boxers and gasped, "You alright down there?" he laughed.

"It's huge, and I haven't even got it out yet" she giggled.

He dropped down to his knees."That can wait for now, I'm not finished with you yet." He said with a grin, he continued to kiss across her stomach working down to her thighs.

He kissed the inside of her thigh, and he got closer and closer then would move to the other one doing the same.

The heat between her legs was like nothing she had ever experienced, and she let out a moan, it was so good and he was only kissing her, but he was an expert with that mouth.

She was lying back with her eyes closed savouring the moment, as his tongue finally hit the spot, she thought she was going to explode there and then. His tongue slid up and down, and she was panting and moaning, gripping his hair in her hands.

He stopped and kissed back up to her breasts again, stopping to take a nipple into his mouth, he spread her legs wider with his knee and climbed on top of her. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he pulled his boxers off, springing him free. She moaned loudly as he rubbed at her with his cock.

"Oh, my god Sam, I can't handle it" she moaned.

It made him laugh, "You're so beautiful" he said as he looked over her body again.

She had such a nice figure, curves in exactly the right places, perfect breasts that filled his hands, as if they were made for his hands.

He lifted her up positioning her, so his cock was rubbing right up against her. He pushed in slowly and she moaned, gripping his shoulders tightly, as he start to thrust in and out, his hips rocked back and forth, each thrust making her moan.

"Are you enjoying this"? He moaned into her ear.

The sound of him nearly made her come, she gripped tighter as he got faster, "Come for me" he whispered into her ear, he moved faster and harder.

She could feel something building, it felt like it was rising from the bottom of her stomach, the pressure building and building until she finally collapsed, screaming his name. She had never experienced anything like it, it was the most amazing feeling, he thrust into her once more before he found his release.

He collapsed down next to her kissing her and pulling her onto his chest.

"Abbey, that was amazing" he kissed her again.

She was still breathless, "It was more than amazing" she told him with a smile.

She kissed him back and cuddled up to him, she wished she could stay like that forever.

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