Dating Diego would include...

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Sorry it's short- by I can barely keep my eyes open and I'm going to sleep, g'night my fellow readers😴☁️✨♥︎

- he's just a child at heart. End of.

- he takes you places he enjoyed and wanted to visit as a kid, you you could relive his childhood by his side

- Diego loves having quiet nights at home. You bundled up in blankets and his hoodie, quietly sleeping on his chest as his arms wrapped round your waist

Now y'all must be thinking
'Aw DiEgOs So cUtE' and I getchu. I feel the same way. But...


- Always turns small pecks into heated makeout sessions, but hey, you weren't complaining

- tHe iNnUeNdOs

- being 100% a top

- him constantly treating you like. A. Queen!

- knows how to make you fall under his spell

- has an unhealthy obsession with Disney movies

'Babyyyyy, I wanna watch the Lion King!' He pouted as you sat in his lap, his head buried in your neck

'Diego, we've already watched it 3 times this week!'

- loves holding you in his arms whenever he can

- Diego loves to hold your hand in public. Just a small gesture you both find sweet


- Always cheats on games

'Diego...why's all my monopoly cash gone?'

'Oh nooooo! I guess the bank took it! I'm sorry baby, but I guess I win'

'I leave you alone for 2 seconds and this is what I have to put up with...'

- He's fucking obsessed with cuddles

- cooks you dinner

- makes you the happiest lil bean you've ever been🥰🥰

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