Captain underpants and the terrifying perilous misfortune of the T. P mummy

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Me: Hey everyone I am adding someone special in this story

The narrator: Toilet paper one of the mankind's crowning achievements. Without these we would use leaves, news papers or a horse. And no one loves TP more than George and Harold and now (Y/N) joined in. Not for it's intended use but for pranks and (Y/N) had a new attitude.

They TP the entire inside of the school. Mr. Krupp was angry and was in the car he was trapped in now.

George: Man I love TP

Harold: Me too!

(Y/N): Hopefully dad will notice me again...

They ran and Mr. Krupp said, "I'm running out of oxygen."
Chapter 1: T.P.T.O (Toilet paper time out)
While George, Harold and (Y/N) had successfully TP'd most items in Piqua, they had eyes on an even bigger prize.

George said, "TPing the entire school is gonna be the greatest prank ever."

Harold said, "We're gonna be legends."

(Y/N) hugged them and went to the TP TP, the best TP only store to sell toilet paper.

The man that works there said, "Sorry your banned, for too much TPing and your principle sent this over and hard core of your father."

(Y/N) mumbles something and got angry she kicked the man in his you know what and walked away.

The man gasping and said, "Your the cruelest girl I ever met."

They went to school and hi dived Erica and Harold slowly gave her a hi five.

George said, "Erica do you know where we could get like, thousands of toilet paper?"

Harold said, "We were on the verge of pulling an epic TP prank, we would have been legends."

Erica said, "Oh, so your giving up? Legends don't give up legends like Horatio Dump."

Harold said, "Horatio Dump, he never gave up."

Erica said, "Long ago, people threw their trash wherever, and he said trash belongs in one place and not all over, people hated him for it but he never gave up, and that's why the place where trash goes in named, the dump."

George said, "That's made up."

Erica said, "No that's tenacity."

She gave them lollipops but for (Y/N) a heart shaped one.

Harold said, "Cool. What's tenacity?"

She was gone.

George said, "Erica?"

Harold said, "She's like Batman."

George said, "Minus the angry mumbling."

Then they saw (Y/N)'s heart shaped lollipop and even thought they were friends they were suspicious of Erica.

Krupp was helping back up a truck and Mr. Ree was helping and Mr. Krupp pressures him to be careful. And also the caring lunch lady Edith and who was (Y/N)'s favorite lunch lady

Mr. Ree was the school janitor and Edith is the school lunch lady and they are dedicated employees and definitely doesn't have a secret past. And Edith had a secret crush on Mr. Krupp

Mr. Ree said, "Three-ply, quilted, plush weave, not the usual sandpaper you order, what's the occasion?"

Mr. Krupp said, "We have a new French teacher and i want her to have the best."

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