Chapter 9

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*Valeria's POV*
Its been two days since she had dinner eith Kyle and for some reason she found herself thinking about that weird moment they had. Over and over again she assured her it was nothing but deep down she knew it realky wasn't.

She had been praying for Kyle but had not heard ftom him since that night. He had walked her to her apartment and got both a shock and a verbal assault from a screaming Mia who had followed them without their knowledge. He had left with her while trying to understand what had set her off. So she had prayed for them both but did not have peace about it. She dicided to call Kyle and check in on him.

She called three times with no answer, on the fourth time Kyle picked up.

"hey! I was trying to call you but your phone was just ringing, is everything ok?"

"yeah, I watched it ring..." his voice was flat, which was unusual.

"oh, I see.." Valeria responded, unsure of what to say next

Kyle sighed impatiently "is there a reason you called?"

"um..yes...I just wanted to see how you're doing..I hadn't heard from you in  a while and I was wor..."

"look,I'm not your little project or charity case so you don't have to check on me..and I'm not your boyfriend either so I'm not obligated to call you everyday"

"oh...I see...I'm sorry I bothered you..." she stuttered, taken aback by Kyle's outburst

"Kyle...did...I do something wrong?"

"yes...thanks to you, Mia dumped me....she thinks I was cheating on her with're not even my type! Why on earth would I go for you!

"I'm sorry I caused so much trouble" she replied quietly, troubled at the fact that his opinion of her hurt alot.

" will you stop apologising?! Are you such a little doormat that all you can do is say sorry?!"

"no..." was all that came out, a mixture of hurt and anger threatening to come to the surface.

"could have fooled me" was his disgusted response "look, I dont want to talk to you. Can you understand that? Or are the words to complex for you..."

With that, Valeria cut the call. The last thing she wanted to do was cry and make the whole situation worse. What was his problem?! The said to herself through angry tears.

Pray for him, he needs you

Valeria let out a snort, "yeah right, you heard him"

Pray for him

"why should I pray for him when he was such a jerk?!"


"forgive?! He was cruel, rude and downright mean for no reason, even when I apologised for something that wasn't my fault in the first place!"


"he doesn't deserve it" Valeria said stubbornly

Neither do you

"ok, fine, you have a point, but it's still not fair"

Pray for him

And that is exactly what she did for the next two months albeit grudgingly initially. Little did she know just what those prayers were doing in an apartment just a few metres away..

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