15 | Number Six - Ben

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Imagine: ivegivenuponlife enjoy 🌙🌸
Warning: Suuuper sad and lots of feels

* * * FLASHBACK * * *

Ben was a complicated member of the Umbrella Academy. In fact, he hated his powers, his life. He just wanted to live a normal life like a normal kid. But he was in no way normal.

He could become monsters. Oh he hated the nicknames his so-called siblings gave him. 'Freak' , 'weirdo' bur there was one that stuck

The horror...

They called him it. Every day. All except two. Klaus, his close friend and one who shut the others up. And y/n. Y/n L/n

He admired her. He thought she was absolutely beautiful in his eyes.

He zoned back to reality. The bank. The robbery. The vault.

'Come on Ben!' Luther complained, making y/n jab him in the stomach.

'There are guys still down in the basement' Allison stated, they all knew only Ben could kill them all

'Guys! It's fine if you don't wanna do it Ben' Y/n stood between them, giving Ben an apologetic smile. He swallowed slowly, before stepping in the vault

Men's screams and blood splatters echoed through the chamber, and he came out, obviously uncomfortable with all the stares

'Can we go home now?'

'How're you feeling?' Y/n nervously asked Ben who was shaking an extremely pale. She'd managed to get him to shower, but he was too out of it to go anything else

'They're all terrified of me' he spoke, barely above a whisper

'I'm not. Why would I be scared of you?' She questioned, moving closer to him

He took a shaky breath, looking down. 'It's okay, take your time...'

'It's not everyday when you see one of your siblings change into a monster' tears began falling down his face. 'Oh Ben' she sighed, before softly kissing him

He blushed a bright red and froze, but slowly adapted to your lips.

'Never leave me, y/n/n' he whimpered. She squeezed his hand lightly in reassurance

'I promise'

* * * END OF FLASHBACK * * *

'I don't know what to say...' y/n croaked, her fingers ghosting over Ben's gravestone. Her mascara was completely smudged, this was the first time she got up in weeks

'It's been a month without you know. I'm sorry Ben. I'm sorry I let you down. I should've been there. I should've helped! I'm just so stupid I-' she choked back tear, but couldn't stop them from falling

'I promised you! I failed you...' she sobbed as raindrops quickly began falling down from the sky

She recomposed herself, before talking again. 'I miss you more and more everyday, baby. I'll never forget you' she sniffled. And with that, she placed a single White Rose on his grave stone and giving it a light kiss, before turning into the fog

So this was really hard for me to write. If you're going through something like this, I'm always ALWAYS here if you needed to talk. I lost my dad when I was younger and it was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. Didn't mean to make it more depressing guys but if you go through something like this. Talk to someone! Trust me, from past experiences, it always helps🥰
Keep shining! Lola xxx♥︎

Fucking 'when the party's over' by billie Eilish just turned on as I re-read this chapter now I'm crying FUCK🤧🤧🤧🤧

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