Chapter 8

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*Veleria's POV*

Valeria was looking forward to hanging out with Kyle, they had not had time to spend together in a while. Kyle spent most of his free time with Mia. Now that she was once again without a love interest, she almost always on her own, so it would be good to have someone to talk to.

Walking up to the resturant she smiled to see Kyle already there wauting for her. Her smile quickly dissapeared once she saw the look on his face. He looked tired, drained by life and she wondered why. As she drew closer however, the look of emotional exhaustion was quickly replaced by a sweet half smile.

"He looks really nice today" Valeria thought to herself. "well to be fair he looked good all the time". Then she caught herself, why on earth was she suddenly noticing his looks? Ah well it's  no big deal right? She does the same with her female friends. She is simply observant.

Returning his smile she walked up to him as he got up to hug her.

"Hey you" he said looking down at her with an arm draped across her shoulder.
"hey yourself" she replied smiling

Kyle pulled away and pulled out Valeria's seat before sitting down at his own.

The two talked about school and what was new in their lives as they ate.

"so how's things with Mia?" Valeria asked noticing  how Kyle's jaw tensed when she said her name.

"they're fine..." Kyle responded less than enthusiastically

"are you sure?" Valeria pressed

"what are you getting at Val?" Kyle asked.

"well as I walked towards the resturant I could  see that you were troubled about something, and then when I asked about your relationship Mia you got tense"

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"well as I walked towards the resturant I could  see that you were troubled about something, and then when I asked about your relationship Mia you got tense"

"ok Sherlock, if you must know, I'm kind of having doubts about whether Mia and I made the right choice in being to gether"
Valeria nodded in encouragement for Klye to continue
Kyle sighed and rubbed his face.

"I don't know Val, I care about Mia...I really do...but sometimes I just want time to myself and she doesn't get that" he then went on to explain the events of that afternoon.

"and before you asked, yes I tried talking to her about it...but she just mad and threatened to leave me, and I don't want to lose her" he said looking defeated.

Instinctively she reached out her hand and squezzed his, but as she did she felt a strange feeling, it was almost as though electricity shot through her entire body the moment their hands touched. Kyle must have felt it too because instantly his eyes met hers and they shared a shocked and confused stare for a few seconds before blushing and pulling away and laughing nervously.

"that was weird" they both thought. But both quickly brushed it off as nothing.

Pray for him, he needs you

The thought came in a flash, and without putting much thought into it, she decided that she would keep him in prayer daily.

The rest of the dinner went by uneventful and the two sat, talked and laughed without a care in the world.

Little did they know what storm was brewing inside the girl standing by the window glaring at her boyfriend and a girl she had tried so hard to keep him away from...

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