The vampire council!

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Drackmor stopped his move, standing there like a statue. I wanted to ask my friend, turning my head towards her. "Hey Lora...what happ..." not another word escaped my lips. I jumped at her face expression. She seem to be in shock, but...she is not blinking. The others weren't any different. Everyone, except Drac and I, froze up. But how? Our answer came from the main entrance of the hotel.

"Having trouble Drac?"

Vlad, Dracula's father, approached with a bunch of men. They all were in black capes, covering their faces...except one. He stood beside Drac's father.Dracula couldn't believe it, "What took you so long?!"

Vlad shrugged, "We had a lot to catch up on, isn't that right Lord Drackmor?"

"L-lord?" the count didn't understand.

His father cleared it for him, "Don't tell me you forgotten Baron's father, after all these years."

"Try centuries dad!"

Vlad payed no attention. He turned back to Lord Drackmor, "So what now? You got what you wanted, so can we go back to our normal lives now?" The Lord nodded, "Indeed Vlad old man. My son had finally turned from a crybaby, to a ruthless killer."

"Not what I can say about my son" added Vlad, not even giving Drac a look. The count snorted, "Thanks a lot, dad."

Slowly, I walked over to the two old vampires. Drac watched me the entire time. I trembled under the stares of the two vampires. "C-can d-d-drac ke-e-ephis h-h-hotel?" The elders stayed silent, while my face turned red of embarrassment. The next...they were all laughing. I don't get it, what is so funny about my question? Lord Drackmor needed a moment to control his laughter, "To be honest dear, we couldn't careless about this place. This was all Baron's idea. He just used the council as a method to get what he wanted."

"And you allowed it?"

"Of course."

I couldn't believe this. So this was nothing but a fake?

Lord Drackmor pointed at Dracula, "This low life vampire dropped out of the council on the very first day. We have not further use for him, neither do we care what he does with his undead life."

"Sooo, everything stays the way it was?"

Vlad inspected the lobbywith a smirk, "Well...almost."

Lord Drackmor took his group of men and left the place. Well, he took his frozen son under his arm and out the door. Vlad told me, that they will never return back here and cause chaos. With one move of his hand, everyone else began to gain live in their bodies. Everyone moved and smiled at us.Erica wanted to be sure though, "Is it over?" I nodded,"Yes, once and for all." Van Helsing noticed what he had done and decided to support his grand daughter with the monster hunter. Together with Lora and Connor, they drove to the hospital. Finally, I was able to hug Dracula. He wrapped his arms around my waist, tightening the grip. I could hear him laugh with delight, "We made it!"

"We sure did."

I had hoped to hug him longer than two minutes, but Vlad had to ruin the moment.

"For the love of bats, get yourself a room!"

Drac sure was very shy, releasing me immediately. Now, we were standing there, while silence came over us.

"So..." he began.

I don't know what to say either, "So..."

"What now?"

Staring around the lobby, a few ideas pooped into my head, "First you can decorate the hotel, maybe get large aquariums with piranhas or..."

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