The enemy is close!

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The painful scream filled the entire lobby. wasn't mine. Opening my eyes a little, I could see a hole in Drackmor's wrist. The same hand that held me up high. The Baron faced the area of where the bullet came from. It was Erica, who held up a pistol. Beside her stood Van Helsing. Drackmor released me, while I dropped to the floor hard. With slow steps, the baron was having trouble to control his blood lust. He wanted to kill and he wanted it now. With a very deep and dangerous voice, he spoketo the Van Helsing's, "How dare you!"

Erica reloaded the weapon and took another aim. Van Helsing grinned pleased, "Who would have thought, that an old pistol would affect a Drackmor. You may be the most powerful clan, but you also possess a lot of weak spots." Drac and Lora pulled me as far away as possible, watching the fight against vampire and monster hunter. Connor recovered quickly as well as his men, together they came to support the legendary Van Helsing.

Dracula knows how bad this might get, especially when Baron is losing his control. The last time he saw him lose it, was when Drackor almost destroyed the tower for flying practice. No wonder that it is not in a good condition anymore. Drac wanted to get me and Lora out of the hotel. My friend was not able to go, she is worried about Connor. Neither could I, because of Erica, "Drac, if we leave now, nothing will change. We got to stop this once and for all." He shook his head, "No, I have to do this. This is not your concern." Out of the blue, I gave Drac a slight slap across the face. It shocked him, staring at me with wide eyes. "Excuse me Mr. I-do-it-all-alone. This vampire just tried to suck me dry...he made it my business." Lora interrupted, "And besides, if vampires are ruling the world, won't that be amassive problem for all humans?" "Okay, okay, you made your point! So how can we stop this?" He was speechless, as Lora and I shrugged, clearly not one had an idea.

But Drackmore sure does, he jumped over the hunters until he landed behind them. With his speed, heads were ripped off the bodies of Connor's men. No one dared to scream, as the dead bodies had hit the floor. The Baron's eyes are glowing red, "Four gone...three to go." Referring to Connor, Erica and Van Helsing. His next target was Van Helsing. Connor knew what he was up to and protected the old man with his own body. Lora screamed out to him. Seconds later, Connor's own scream got louder than hers. Drackmor didn't take his head, but one of his arms were missing. Erica had trouble to find her target, as Baron's speed increased. The moment he was in her sight, the next, he was gone. She pulled the trigger, as his body got too close to her. A bullet went through his chest...unfortunately the wrong side. Even so, the effect of the metal caused Baron to growl like an animal, falling to the floor. This was the best moment to get some space from Drackmor. Erica pulled on Connor, towards the others. Lora tried her best to stop the blood in the meantime. Drac was now ready to face him once more. I didn't like it, "Don't, he is not in the condition to listen!" "I have to try N/A. For the hotel, for Mavis, my family and friends, Martha...and you." He whispered the last part, so I won't notice.

Another brutal fight erupted between them. Drackmor's blood lust had reached to a level, were he began to destroy the lobby. Drac used all his skills to prevent anymore damage, gaining his old friends attacks on himself. Because they were made by another vampire, the wounds needed a lot more time to recover. What really bothered Drac, was that he had to protect his hotel, as well as all the humans in the room. The fight went on the entire night. As I noticed the sunrise, coming from the main entrance, the two separated from each other. Drackmor's bloodlust was fading slowly, he was able to talk with Drac now, "How can you care for such a place?" "Because this is what Martha and I wanted for our family. To have a place for every monster, to relaxand be themselves for once."

"But there are not only monsters now!" Drackmor hissed as his eyes spotted the hunters. "Times change Baron. Believe me, it was not easy for myself at first. In time I learned to live with it and I have to admit...I don't want to go back." "I can never tolerate humans the way you do Drac. My family wont allow it and neither does the council." Drackmor used his transformation and turned into a wolf. Drac did the same. Now it was a fight between wolves, biting and scratching each other. It didn't last for long though. The Baron was sneaky and shoved ashes, from the fire place, into Drac's eyes.He lost his orientation. His old friend had no interest in fighting fair. At least that is what we all though, as he grabbed a piece ofwood. Like a stake, he raised it over the count, "Time to end this new era, my old friend!"

No one could save him now.

Erica had no more bullets left, neither is anyone as fast as a vampire. We found nothing to throw at Drackmor at the time. My eyes teared up, while anger rose inside of me. I didn't want this to end this way. All I was capable off, was to gain enough air into my lungs and shout out loud, "Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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