Dating No. 5 would include...

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- His arm constantly round your waist our shoulders. Just to know you're with him.

- You both loved sightseeing and looking around Canada. The photos you have are beautiful

- Five gets jealous superrrr easily


'What? I'm thanking him?! He's a bus driver, Five!'

- Cuddles. ALL. OF. THE. CUDDLES

- One of your habits was running your hands through his hair

- Despite looking your age, he's so kinky

- You hATe it

- But He makes it up to you ;)

- Alllllll of the pick up lines

'Do you know what this shirt is made of? Boyfriend material'
'I don't have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?'
'I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on'


- He LOVED it when you wore his hoodies and sweatpants. Seeing you walking around in them made him super happy

- He always cooked for you. Wether it was cookies, pasta or some other meal- he'd always find new ways to surprise you

- He's always with you in public

- He adores spoiling you with little treats and random bouquets of flowers, it brightens up his days

- He gets very competitive


''re looking at the wrong screen. You're blue, remember'

'Right..Well can we switch!?'

- He would kiss you whenever he has the chance- aNyWhErE

- Him helping you study

- It never lasts though

- Always escape to your house, since his siblings are always laughing about the two of you

- You bully him into watching Netflix series like 'Pretty Little Liars' And 'Gossip Girl'

- Surprisingly, he kinda liked it

- You're both like the 'Jughead and Betty' and the 'Serena and Dan'

- both being 100% happy with each other

- you said I love you to him at a date, where he picked you up and showered you with kisses

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