Chapter 3

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Hands had let Inquisitive Nose know about the Werewolf pack that was going to be moving into the area near where she had previously worked just before they arrived at the request of the pack. Since both Hands and his brother had done several broadcasts, she had been moved to the capital, to be available if they wanted to do more. The first broadcast, while was something she wasn't very happy now about doing without permission, it was in a public place, so there was nothing illegal about it. Since then, she had never exceeded the limits set, and worked with them as much as possible.

Reading up the information that was out about them had her jaw dropping open. She had never believed that there were creatures that could change their shape so radically. Their 'Were' or 'Mid' or 'Hybrid' shape—the terms were used differently in different documents—was not too far off a Folican; they had expressive ears, a muzzle, tail, and walked upright with the same leg structure they had.

Their wolf form was the surprise. The fact they could go on four paws was much of a surprise. She didn't know what to think but continued to do her research. Their pack structure seemed closer to a Folican's; they enjoyed being together and there wasn't the nudity taboo that amused many of the Folicans, as with the humans.

The fact they actually hunted was something she hadn't really expected, but thinking on it, hunting as a group was one way to help keep the pack's bonds close. It did seem they were trying to limit how much was released to the general public on Earth, but they had been in hiding for a very, very long time.

When she came across the release about their aging, she was astonished. They aged slower than humans, but it hadn't stated exact ages. Doing a search within the Folican systems, she was shocked. Average lifespan was four hundred years, and when they reached that, they were considered an Elder.

Getting her research in order, she started work on the broadcast she was going to do. She sent a delayed message to the Pack Father of the group, Alpha Ralph, that would be delivered a week after they arrived. She would give them that time to settle into their new homes.

Turning to the camera, she had them start it.

"Good Afternoon Folica, I am Inquisitive Nose, and I have just been notified of some interesting news. As many are aware, Earth has a sub-species of humans, that can change shape to that similar to some animals, and together are called 'Weres'. One pack of Werewolves has been permitted to emigrate to Folica. They are setting up just outside of Mountain View."

A few pictures came up, showing them in all three of their forms.

"As you can see, while one of their forms looks human, and another looks like a wolf from earth. Their third looks almost Folican, but with a thick fur and a more pronounced muzzle." She grinned, "Before everyone asks, reports have their fur being very soft."

Going sober again, "From the reports I had available of media releases they had given out on Earth, they live on average of twice the length of us and can shift between all three shapes at will. Also, while they have monogamous relationships on earth, those coming are more open. The werewolves do live in a pack with a Pack Father, that they call Alpha, and have more structured organization than we do, but all the reports have them very close knit."

Taking a breath, "I have been asked to pass on a request from the mayor to give them time to settle and adjust to their new homes. Hopefully there will be an announcement when they are settled. If you wish to send greetings, please forward them to the Mayor's office in Mountain View. The pack wanted to make sure that people were aware of their arrival, so that nobody would be alarmed with seeing what seemed to be animals running around; even in their four-pawed form they are still intelligent and will not be a danger."

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