Chapter Four

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The soldier knew something was amiss before the gunshots started. 

A crisp, thick silence hung over the clearing; the sort of silence you could cut with a knife. The sort of silence that fell before annihilation.

And then the forest exploded. 

Bullets ripping through air, trees, and lives before he could even tell anyone to retreat. Bodies hit the floor in quick succession, blood already pooling on the damp earth from the corpses that lived and breathed only seconds before. 

This wasn't a battle -- this was an extermination. 

The soldier's ears rang, though it wasn't the gunshots which had deafened him. It was fear. He'd seen more than his fair share in death in his short life and had become accustomed to the sight of blood, the sounds of suffering, and the smell of death, but this -- this was something else. Something otherworldly in its brutality. 

It was then that he understood why they called it a bloodbath. The ground was more red than brown; its shiny surface reflected the carnage above. Death amplified by death. 

From behind the narrow tree trunk which was all that preserved his life, the soldier quivered, gun gripped in his sweaty hands and a shaking finger over the trigger. 

He took a deep breath, hoped that death didn't hurt too much, and stepped out into the leaden rain. 

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