Oh Rosemary.

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"Useless?!?" Jim said "she's so close to John, we can send her Sherlock without him noticing!" he pressed his fingers on his temple. "Tell me why you don't like her (y/n)" he said.

You waited a moment until you responded "Jim..." you started "her name is not Mary, she isn't who you think" 

"What do you mea--" he started 

"Just trust me, okay" you tried to smile sincere, but es failed especially.

"Okay (y/n), but she will still be our little spy with Sherlock, if that is okay with you?" he asked and he went in for the hug.

"That'll be fine" you mumbled "as long as I don't have to see her, I'm good".

He nodded and sighed "want to watch some Netflix or somethin'?" you just looked up into his eyes "yes, but first, can you please review the fall with me again?" 

"In time my dea--" you cut him off "No. Now" you pressed on. 

He looked at you with a pleading face before he finally confessed.

"I have a plan to end our little friend Sherlock for good. The fall is his demise. He will die being hated. With your help. We will be on the rooftop of St. Barts, you know the nice hospital down the road", he paused for a second "You will be on the roof with Sherlock, ensuring the fall to take place. You will tell him about the snipers on all of his friends. He will be difficult and so you must fake your own suicide" 

Your face drained. Sherlock dying. He can't die, he's Sherlock, the man that loved you. Your friend. What will happen to John? How will you cope? How will anyone cope. He is the Sherlock Holmes! But you are the (y/n) (y/l/n). Head sniper/uncover artist for the James Moriarty! But Sherlock... Snap out of it (y/n) you need to calm down. 

"Well?" he smiles at you "will you do it?"

You look at the floor thinking for a long time until you finally look up "I'll do it" you said. 

He smiled and picked you up and set you on a couch. "Time for Netflix" he grinned. You two turned on the telly and watched Supernatural. "American television is great" he mumbled. You two made it into season 8 finale "WHAT NO, WHERE IS SEASON 9 WHAT THE HECK NO." he yelled at the tv, "(Y/N) THIS CANT BE HAPPENING PLEASE TELL ME SEASON 9 IS ON THE INTERNET OR SOMETHING" he said to you. "No idea" you said laughing.

You looked at Jim at the end of couch and sighed before saying "Jim... would you like to know why I don't like 'Mary'" you asked him 

He grined "well duh" he said looking at you 

You glared at him before saying "Well first off, her name is Rosemary, not Mary. We were best friends when we were young" you waited for a reaction. Nothing, so you continued "mom was drug addict, dad was abusive. When we were in high school, she got hit by a car, or so I thought..."

A single tear fell down your cheek "I'm sorry, I just can't pretend she didn't get in that crash" you wait a bit "you probably think I'm an idiot" 

"UM NO I DON'T" he said to you "that's fubar" he said 

"Nice Tom Hiddleston quote" you said laughing 

"Iknowhowtomakeyoufeelbetter" he said too quickly to comprehend. He walked into the kitchen and made you some hot chocolate and some biscuits. You smiled and took the drink "Thank yuh" you said a you sniffled. "I'M HAPPEH NOW" you yelled out "fun fact" you smiled at Jim. 

"Really?" he yawned "cause I'm tired. You finished your drink and went to bed. Tomorrow is the fall. Tomorrow you will be 'dead'. Like Rosemary 








You woke up with Jim's arms around you. You untangled yourself and make chocolate chip waffles for breakfast. You ate it and then took a shower, got dressed, and said godbye to Jim (evn though you would see him quite soon), and called seb for backup to the roof. 

You had your ear piece in and was talking to Sebasian. He was a great friend to you ever since you and Jim had started dating. You talked for hours until it was time to text Sherlock for your fairytail ending. 

He arrived in excatly 3 minutes and 82 seconds. You played "Stayin Alive" on your phone. The look on his face was priceless.

"Ah, here we are Sherlock with our problems, or final problem. Stayin Alive" you hold your phone up "its so boring isn't it? It's just... staying" you bury your face in your hands. After that you had a speech you had planed when talking to Seb. 

After, Sherlock stood on the edge. He looked dead inside and went over to you. He put his face closer to yours "Why are you doing this?" he asked. 

You grined "Storybook ending" he looked dead inside. 

"Let me try something" he muttered and then he walked up to you and kissed you, for quite some time. It caught you by surprise, a pleasent surprise. 

He broke away "Does that change your mind" he asked in a desprite voice "cause I've been wanting to do that ever since we had met (y/n)" 

your face went pale 

"Sherlo-" he cut you off 

"No, listen" he pressed on "I loved you, then you leave me for a murderer!"

"Sherlock please. Stop." and he did. "Your friends will die if you dont do this" you warned 

"Well they'll have to kill you then!" he blurted out. 

You laughed "true, very true, goodbye Mr. Holmes" you nodded up at sebastian and he shot the blood pack in your coat to make the illusion of shooting yourself in the head. You watched as he cried and thought about jumping. 

"Goodbye Ms. (y/l/n)" he said he jumped. But his wasn't fake. You started to cry. You cried until Sebastian came to help you. 

"Are you okay?" he asked repeatably, but you could keep mumbling was "he's dead, because of me" 

You look into Sebastian's eyes and say "You can't take me back to him, not yet, say you missed and shot my neck instead of the pouch, I just can't go back to him. He's a monster" you fight your way out of his grip and ran away. Where to? You didn't know. But you couldn't stay here in England. He is Still the Addict from when you met him. He hadn't changed at all. "Goodbye Mr. Moriarty" you mumbled to yourself as you ran down the street in Sherlock's old coat.


That is the end of "Im a Consulting Criminal", I hope you all like it, the sequal will be entitled "Still the Addict" (hah book puns) so be excited for that :)

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