13 | Number 2 - Diego (4)

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Imagine: bondi_girl3 enjoy love💋🥭
'Maybe you could do an imagine where the reader and Diego haven't seen each other since they were younger and they loved each other and see each other at the funeral'
Warning: May get steamy at parts

It was a normal day for You , except for the death of your father.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves. An asshole. A Monster. He was cold-blooded. He treated his children (or who he thought of as students) like shit.

But you missed them. You missed your friends you played with every day. Who you fought with. Lived your life with.

Especially One. Diego Hargreeves

Oh how you wanted him. Little did you know he wanted you too...

Y/n had arrived after everyone else. You were talking to Pogo when the others headed outside. You hadn't seen any of them, you wanted to surprise them.

'He still likes you, y/n. And he misses you. A lot' You fixed the back silk cardigan resting on your shoulders, and turned to face Pogo, a red blush creeping onto your cheeks

'As do I, but I'm older now Pogo! What makes you think he'll like the new me?' You sighed, sitting on the side of your bed. 'I know Diego, he loves you for you. Nothing's gonna change that. Now, let's get outside and join the others'

He grabbed your hand and led you outside to the courtyard, where all your 'partners' were standing. You never liked calling them siblings, especially since you had a crush on one of them

You kept your head down and under the umbrella, but Diego could tell it was you, whilst the others were completely oblivious. He stood shocked at the fact you actually turned up. He being happy to see you was an understatement

Luther dusted his ashes down on the ground, and you couldn't help feeling just a bit upset at the loss of her adoptive father. Of course, He gave no shits but I did raise you to become the strong woman you are today.

Pogo did his speech, but it became a bit much for you, so you ran back into the house

'Hey. Didn't expect you to be here' Diego said. You were staring out the window in the hallway

'Thought i May as well turn up. Wanted to see what everyone thought of the old man' you shrugged effortlessly.

You looked over to see him looking at you with a smirk. 'I do kinda miss him too you know'

You scoffed. 'Kind of'. He chuckled. 'Wasn't exactly Dad material' his hand lightly ghosted over your waist, making you freeze.

'If you're ever upset about something, let me know, okay?' He whispered gently, turning you round so you were facing him.

It stated like this for a couple of minutes, until your arms curled round his neck and began to sieve through his hair and he captured her lips in his

This was it. Their longed moment.

You pushed your body closer to his, whilst one hand was lost in his hair, then other drifting up and down his shoulder.

Her breathing hitched when he lifted her up and slowly pushed the both of you against a wall.

'Diego...' you managed to breath out as his lips went to your jaw, then travelled down you your neck.

'Um...can you guys get a room?' You both froze to look to your left, to see Vanya awkwardly standing there

'Why are you still here?' Diego snapped as you peppered soft kisses on his jaw, distracting him

'W-well, if you guys weren't snogging in the hallway above the stairs, I wouldn't care so much' she drifted off as Diego carried you to his room

'Where were we at?' He smirked

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