Diamonds & Pearls (14)-The Return of My Milk Brother

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“What are you doing here?” I asked confoundedly.

“Obviously watching you draw. Plus this is my area, you're the one intruding. You make really dumb faces when you're drawing by the way. I mean like really...dumb.” He said dryly, blowing away the hair in his face. This guy had to be hella bored to sit there and watch me draw for fifteen minutes. What a creeper. I shivered.

“No I don't,” I snapped.

“Fine, you don't have to believe me.” He said with a shrug. I noticed that he was acting like yesterday never happened. I guess it's better that way. Yesterday was a hard thing to think about anyway.

“Ya damn straight,” I replied and began to draw again. After some time, Cole sat a few feet away from me. I stiffened, thinking he'd already left.

“Why are you still here?” I asked, looking up from my work.

“I don't know,” He said seriously, while looking up at the sky. I stopped drawing and he turned to look at me. “Maybe it's because...I like...” Like what I wondered, as I waited for him to finish. He leaned closer and I leaned away. “Torturing you.” He said with a wolfish smirk. Hmph! Did he assume that I thought he was going to say he liked me or something? Hell to the no. Okay, maybe I did for a split second but that's it, I swear!

“Are we buddies now or something?” I asked sarcastically.

“No,” He said with a grimace. “ Just...acquaintances.”

“Hmm, one thing I've learned by now, acquaintance, is that you're completely bipolar. One minute you're evil, the next you're nice.” I said, shaking my head. If I wasn't mistaken, I thought I could see the crack of a smile forming on his lips. It was gone quickly.

“Don't get out of line with me Lewis.” Cole said curtly. Like I've said before, the guy is impossible to read and just a tad bit crazy too. You never know what he'll do next.

“Whatever,” I mumbled grumpily. I worked hard to ignore him after that. Why does this fool think he runs things?

“What's your family like?” He asked me in a low voice after a while. I was a little confused by the conversation taking such a dramatic turn.

“What do you mean?” I questioned wearily. If this was another trick, I was going to leave.

Cole looked as if he regretted asking me but he spoke anyway. “Are they good to you? Do you love them?” He said quietly.

“Um...yeah, of course.” I replied awkwardly. There was a long silence and he didn't look at me. I went back to my drawing again. “How old are your brothers?” I asked. At first I thought he wouldn't answer me and when he did, I tried not to show my surprise.

“Seven, nine, and...twenty.” Cole murmured.

“They're all so young. I didn't know you had an older brother.” I replied sadly.

“There's no point in knowing anyway. Can we get off this subject?” He said irritably. I could see a vein appear on his neck as he clenched his jaw.

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