Episode 2 - The Army

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*They're adventure continues to be harder! As time passes by the stronger the enemy get! Time is important for our heroes!*

Characters for the episode






Junior: Look Aera! They're VAST and we're just SIX!

Jake: Well, at least we have stronger armor and weapons! And you need to have faith!

Kate: I agree!

Aera: Yeah!

Bane: Um... Cakes?

*Everyone looks at Bane*

Bane: What?

Jake: And we got a.. joker?

Bane: I'm not!

Bane: Could do.

Junior: What's the mission jake?

Aera: I hope it's not involving BM and CRAZY ARMY!

Jake: Well, it's a good news!

Bane: They involve delicious FOOD?!

Jake: Bane! We don't have a mission right n-

*His LT rings*


Jake: Let's seeeeeeeeeeee... mmmmmmm.. HA!

Junior: What is it?

Jake: We will go KILL THEM ALL!


Kate: With... What?

Jake: We will have support from our comrades, then we can use BMs and LMGs and other weapons, then we will use our ride!

Bane: Sounds cool!

Kate: What do you mean other weapons?

Jake: um... Ion cannons?

Aera: Cool!

Junior: I was about to say that. But fine.

Jake: Let's go GUYS!

Aera: GO GO GO!

Jake: Here we go again...

*Meanwhile in Strallyholme roads, The army is still marching to TPT's HQ. And The TPT has arrived!*

Jake: Ready MENS!

Kate: Nuh!


Aera: Yup'

Jake: Ready your firearms! This is going to be a WAR!

*Jake set's up his Hacking device, Aera readily aimed her BM, Kate is ready to slow them up with SB - 171, Bane is ready to unleash a fire storm, Junior is creating a turret*

Jake: Steady... Steady... FIRE!

*If you could... Imagine the war and place LOL*

Aera: HAPPY BM DAY ARMY! *Fires her BM*

Kate: HEY! Let's all slowdown army! SLOW *Throws her SB*

Bane: Target Identified! Unleashing the fire storm! *Unleashes pack of missiles with SECRET material*

Junior: Ooooppsss... You guys walked into a trap NOW! *His turrets fired flaming bullets at the soldiers*

Jake: Target Identified! Target Area Code: 69025 initiating ION CANNON Launch! *Uses his HD to destroy the last STRONG Tanks*

Aera: That wasn't necessary Jake... Why would you bring your HD for a small army?

Jake: For those Tanks!

Bane: At least we destroyed it!

Aera: Yeah...

Junior: I brought turrets even though we are not defending here...

Kate: At least it will attack them when they will attack us and I slow them while your turret attacks them.

Junior: Oh, good point.

Operator: Good job men! your mission is accomplished! today I mean.

*The TPT has accomplished another mission, but it's not the end yet. There's more enemy forces to deal with!*

There will be new character in the third episode!

Special Thanks To: ModernBibinibini

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