Chapter 19: A Dish Best Served Cold

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Rainir stared at her, his eyes tracing her figure. She had lost weight in this mountain range and there seemed to be this glow around her.

He didn't like it, he had seen it before but it died the minute he tried to strangle her. He hated the fact that she was so happy, while his brother was rotting in a coffin, seen as a disgrace. Azkaban had killed Yannick and he almost died too. He wanted to see this light leave her eyes before he joined his brother.

Charlotte was dancing in her kitchen, an upbeat song playing from a muggle radio.

Rainir crept forward, hiding behind the well-kept bush. His wand was clutched tight in his hand, the shake he picked up from Azkaban worse than normal. His missing hand was full of pain. He was struggling to not focus on it, but this was worth all the effort. His remaining hand was sweating profusely, something he attributed to the excitement of the hunt.

Or maybe it was seeing her, knowing he was going to do what he wanted to do the minute he heard of her betrayal.

He had hunted those who helped her escape him. Those who stole the ingredients for the draught that would've killed her slowly, painfully and without her knowing. It had taken him a while to figure out what draught he needed, something that wasn't dark magic but could kill, unintentionally. He could not believe how lucky he was to find it but his luck ran out much too quickly and loudly than to his taste.

Of course, that meddling Auror had to get in his way. Getting that mixed bitch to get the plant and hurting her just made everything so much more satisfying. He didn't want to hurt people unnecessarily, but hurting Leah and Jayden, Charlotte's fucking asshole of a twin, that was a sweet victory in his eyes. He still couldn't believe that Jayden greeted him so warmly.

Rainir had tried to worm his way into her life, into making her suffer but it was taking too long. His patience was non-existent and the pain from her betrayal never getting better, just worse.

Now is the time to hurt, to maim, to kill.

This is what he's been fantasising about, for the last two years. Rainir shook himself out of his racing thoughts. With a big fortifying breath, Rainir got ready to rush to the front door.

However, before he could move, he heard hard footsteps on the cobblestone path. With a barely discernable curse, Rainir crouched and hid in the bush.

Whoever this was, he was going to kill them too.


Charlotte was enjoying her morning, although trying to forget her argument with Charlie. One of her old, favourite muggle song was playing, making her hips sway as she tried to work off her pain. Charlotte was fairly fit even with her inactive past few months but was still struggling with phantom pain and mental struggles. Her life had been hard, from JJ to Rainir to currently trying to move on with life with her new husband. She loves Charlie but he was not easy to get used to.

Knock, knock! 

The two sharp knocks gave Charlotte a fright. With a frown, she turned her radio volume down and slowly walked to the door, her gut heavy with a dark feeling.

Ever since Denmark, she entered situations with caution and instinct she relied on heavily. Charlotte summoned her wand with a flick of her finger, and with a friendly smile, opened the front door slowly.

To her surprise, there stood a beautiful woman, with a massive scowl on her face. She looked like she could kill, and Charlotte was immediately on her guard. The redhead was staring at her, her eyes sweeping up and down Charlotte as if she was assessing her.

"Yes? Can I help you?" Charlotte asked, eyeing the beautiful, furious face.

Ice blue eyes flickered with rage and then a blank look swept over.

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