14 | Number Five (9)

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Imagine: awritercalledemma enjoy ☆x
'Can you do an imagine where Five and the reader are around the house and they keep flirting with each other!'
Warnings: contains a few spoilers

Everyone in the Hargreeves household knew about Y/n L/n's and Fives 'relationship' . By relationship, they never actually did anything, they just flirted. But the tension was there. They were both head over heels for each other, and it was most obvious they were gonna get together

Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus and Ben were sent on a mission, and with Vanya locked in the basement (for reasons remained unanswered), it was just you and Five

You were sitting on the couch reading a book, when you caught a sight of a familiar raven haired boy across from you. You rolled your eyes and stifled a giggle when we smoothly slid on the couch, next to you

'Hey baby, did you sit in sugar? Because you have a sweet-' you interrupted him by placing a finger to his lips

'You're gonna have to be a bit more imaginative than that, sweetheart. Already heard it' you smirked, before getting up and purposely swaying your hips as you walked

'Playing hard to get huh?' He yelled back, as you turned round with a hand on your hip

'You know it'

The rest of the day was filled with Five telling you cheesy pick up lines and innuendos, whilst trying to grab your waist whenever he could inconspicuously do so.

'Nice try, cutie' you kissed his nose, before leaving again. You laughed when you heard him stamp on the floor in frustration

It was the evening, and you couldn't seem to locate the boy who'd been following you around all day

'Five?' You asked softly, peeking through his ajar bedroom door. You could see a slight outline sitting on the window sill, so you joined him

'The stars are beautiful' he said after a silence, mumbling something under his breath. You nodded in agreement

'I love looking at constellations' you sighed, bringing your knees to your chest. 'One of my friends parents painted them when I was younger. I loved looking at them. It's like they all had a purpose'

'Like us'

'No. Not like us' You turned to him, faces inches apart. 'We're a mess. We're all crazy. We can play, be ourselves. We're just one super dysfunctional family'

Five looked down, placing a hand on her cheek. 'That may be true, but I'm okay with you'

You giggled. 'And I thought your flirty attitude was gone—' before you could quip something else, you felt a pair of lips on yours.

You wrapped your arms around his neck. His lips tasted of cherry and peppermint. An incredible combination.

'Seems my pick up line won you over' he winked after separating

'Oh be quiet, dipshit'

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