Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

I finished the book in less than a few days. All I could constantly do was blab on and on about it with Harry. At first, he didn't seem to care, he would sit and intently listen, also interested in the story line. After a while he slowly got bored, looking at me while I spoke but he never listened, obviously in his own little world.

He was the same though, he started playing this new western type game. I have never seen a lazier couch potato in my life when the play station would turn on. He sat there, most times shirtless, legs either tucked under him, propped up onto the couch or he leaned on them and sat close to the television. At night, when he eventually came to bed, he laid there with sore and tired eyes as I listened to him ramble about the game's storyline.

'And so...Dutch was all like 'Urgh we gotta move camp again' so we had to and now I can't find the ledger box.' Harry was so unbelievably tired, his body was so limp lying next to me and he was so warm along me. I sat and looked at him, watching each word float from his lips.

'Where'd you move to then?' I ask, looking around his face, skimming over each beautiful part of him.

'I don't even know, it has a house but God forbid if my camp uses it.' I went to ask another question but his lips move again. 'Like...if you kill a bunch of people to invade the house, you'd use it right?'


'Right, exactly but we partied outside in the rain!' he lightly raises his voice and furrows his brows. He was obviously bothered about this. I hum in light sorrow for him and I lift my head kissing his forehead softly. 'I gave up and came to bed. Figured you got lonely.'

'I liked having the bed to myself for a while.' I whisper to him. His eyes laid closed but his smile was prominent. 'Felt good to stretch out both my legs like a starfish.' I admit.

'Keep talking like that...' his voice became lower and the hand on my lower back squeezed me slightly.

'Like what?'

'Talk more of your legs and how far you can open them.' He chuckles lightly opening his eyes a smidge to view me. I laugh and swat my hand to his shoulder.

'Shut up! In your dreams, it will happen tonight. Look at you, your almost asleep now!' I fight back.

'Aye! If you turn on your back now and let me have you, I will be more then awake.' this time he bolts to his elbows, deathly staring into my eyes as I look up to him. I laugh at him once again.

'No! You're terrible!' he continues to sit above me as I look up to him. His amused face quickly changes when he looks down my torso then back up to my eyes.

'So you're really not in the mood?' he whispers lowering his head lower to mine. With the sudden change in his voice and the lust now covering his eyes the whole aroma in the room changed. It was as if the whole room dimmed in red glowing light, smothering us both into something passionate.

'Not really...' I lifted my hand to cup the side of his cheek and I watch him tilt his head to kiss the palm of it. I smile at the small soft sweet action he made. I was melting from him again, small touches and the smouldering looks his eyes gave myself into him and he knew that damn well.

'Well...what if I got you in the mood?' he mumbles, lowering his head and kissing my cheek gently. I don't reply, I lift my head, closing my eyes and letting him have access to my skin. 'What if I kiss you where you're most weak?'

I nod my head gently and I lift my leg placing my foot to his thigh and I gently push his hips between my legs, motioning him in-between me. 'And what if I rubbed where you're most wet?' I gasp at his words and smile to myself, continuing to let him kiss me. His words made my eyes flutter shut and he knew damn well what he was doing. The dammed chuckle that rumbled from him was doing more than many things to my nerves and my heart.

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