(Anicentricity) maintaining a successful throuple

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Literally right this moment Anicentricity is:

-on her way to meet her new girlfriends CandyCate & Lisweeta

-at puLLing!tEEth

-to pick out exclusive new outfits courtesy of the brand

-to celebrate their new relationship,

-at an event tonight at the Arena Mall,

-where she's invited to go backstage beforehand for an exclusive hang-out before the big battle

-with LITERALLY HER MAIN INSPIRATION IN LIFE, Arkkelina from the Superfine Trio!!@!

It's like: damn, son. On the one hand so much has happened so fast. But on the other, of course it has. Because she believed in herself and did not let negativity distract her from her goals and began each day with a grateful heart and knew that you can make a million followers or you can make a million excuses and that when you only put positivity out into the universe the universe will only return positivity to you.

So on the one hand everything happening for her is all huge and amazing but on the other hand, honestly, it's all so overdue. Because of course she's on a level where her brand should be intersecting with the Superfine Trio's. She manifested this from day one. There was no way it wasn't going to happen.

Maybe, if she has a lesson to share, some legit knowledge she can drop upon her followers, it's: everything always works out if you have hustle and believe in yourself. All Wood2 asks of you is that you try. That's all you have to do. And if you try then you don't have to worry about anything, because you already did the work, so everything you envisioned will just happen.

Like look back at this girl who started from nowhere, whose parents couldn't even deal with her. Such a hardship she had to endure at a young age, without any real role models. The only person who believed in her was her. So many struggles, growing up in the difficulty of the Secure Future Building. So many times she had to stand up and fight for what she believed in. So many times the universe seemed to be aligned against her needs getting met. Every brand interaction she desired seemed so far away.

Fast forward to her first day out of the Secure Future Building, and choosing her brand at the Tower. Making the difficult decision to believe in herself. That's all she knew. And she had nothing, nothing except her brand and her vision, and if 9 brands didn't fav her likes she would interact with 10.

And then being so worried about how she was going to survive at KMS! It's hard to believe, now, given how effectively she slayed everyone there. Really now the only question is: why is she still at KMS? Like no offense but they get more out of her brand then she gets from theirs at this point. She was worried about lasting her first week there! Now it's like: should she really even consider spending a 2nd season there? She'll have to see what they offer her to stay. It's not just her needs she needs to be thinking about now, she really has to be considering the needs and expectations of her fans now as well.

Plus not to mention there's probably a show in her future that's built around her relationship with CandyCate and Lisweeta. It's like...inevitable. She can predict a lot of engaging drama as they do the work of maintaining a successful throuple and navigate the ramifications for their extended polycule. There's so much to consider there, in terms of effective storylines.

Although realistically it might be time for her to think about just moving on and having her own show. Not that she's not excited to hang out with them at the Arena Mall and everything! But it's already been a few hours and part of her is somewhat beyond it, you know? Like really. Just it's important to put the idea of her own show out into the universe as a thing that should happen for her soon, because it should.

-Where are you let's gooooo, CandyCate says.

See, honestly. Keep it in your skirt for 11 seconds. We all know you want it. Can't blame CandyCate for being excited to see her though. Tbh.

Anyways she's here. She rounds the corner of Travejo Street and finds herself at puLLing!tEEth. It's all dark and empty. This is a special exclusive moment just for them, which is incredibly sexy. She should start to expect more of this.

-I'm here where are you, she says, entering the shop. She holds the door open behind her a moment in case some zonnys want to fly in after her but none do. Maybe this is just that exclusive?

-In the back, fitting rooms, Lisweeta says.

She passes through the shop, admiring the fashions they have on display. Her body will really engage well this brand, it's going to be very mutually successful. Can't believe she's going to be hanging out with Arkkelina in a few hours. Hopefully they don't mention her old fanfiction, that was forever ago, she's really over it. Honestly people should be writing fic about her at this point.

"Hey bitches," Anicentricity calls as she enters the hall of dressing rooms. There's no answer but she thinks she can hear something rustling in the last room on the end. omg if Lisweeta and CandyCate are in there having sex. Is this going to be her first time f*cking them? In a dressing room at puLLing!tEEth? Amazing. That'll make for such a valuable story later.

She throws back the curtain and is initially surprised to find no one there. But she sees a zonny, clinging to the opposite wall, which is on some level a relief. Because she hadn't realized until this moment but it's been a few minutes since she's seen any zonnys at all, which is vaguely unsettling. But there's one here now and she can relax. But where are her girlfriends???

She hears footsteps back behind her and she rolls her eyes. What kind of game are they playing,

"You guyssss," she says, turning to look back.

Then the zonny is on her, before she even realizes what's happening its leapt from its perch on the wall and landed on her neck. It digs its metallic feet into her skin and actually it hurts? It's gripping her so tightly she can't even brush it off, like what is going on. Then it plunges its tail into her neck and immediately everything in front of her starts swimming away. She's vaguely aware that it kind of hurts, having the zonny's tail embedded in her neck? But there are bigger issues at hand - her legs aren't working and she's so tired and honestly it just makes more sense for her to be on the floor, and then she is. She wants to try to brush the zonny off again but her arms aren't really working at this point either and it's all very exhausting and inconvenient.

Her vision is fading around the edges but there's someone coming towards her. Not her girlfriends, not anyone she recognizes. They're wearing all white - a skin-tight outfit that's so white it's almost impossible to see, and it even includes a hood and a mask. Maybe they're the help. She doesn't want to be late to meet the Superfine Trio so maybe this person with the mask can freaking


Ohhh noooo Anicentricity. She had a good run, I guess? Poor lady. Weird that her story ended so suddenly, huh? After all that build up? Oh well. 

Friends that's it for Episode 04! Thank you so much for reading. Only 2 more episodes left and I'm reallllly excited to start posting them. Let me know if you have any questions or need anything before we get started. I love you!

 I love you!

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