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Shawn was laying in his bed with his eyes half-open. He wanted to desperately close them and fall asleep but the demon in his sleep paralysis wouldn't let him so he remained groggily.

He sighed and pushed himself up out of bed and went towards his brother's room to snuggle. He knocked on the door and didn't get a response. He knocked a little harder and still no response.

"Hey Shawn! I'm downstairs!" Justin called out when he heard faint knocking. Shawn rolled his tired eyes and went downstairs. He was frustrated because he didn't want Justin downstairs, he wanted him in his room so he could cuddle with him.

Shawn made his way downstairs with slight bags under his eyes and his eyes were slightly pink more than usual due to him being sleep deprived. Justin saw his brother and his face expressed immediate concern.

"You didn't get any sleep, did you?" Justin assumed that more than asking. Shawn rubbed his eyes and nodded, looking like a tired child. Justin smirked in the teenager's direction.

"Aww, my sweet baby." He teased, causing Shawn to punch his shoulder lightly. Shawn leaned his face on Justin's shoulder and closed his eyes as Justin ran his fingers through his hair. Justin had to wake Shawn up as he tried to fall asleep on top of him.

Shawn groaned in an irritated manner and crossed his arms when Justin pushed him off. He stomped over to the couch and plopped down on it in an extremely childish manner.

Justin rolled his eyes and had to resist the urge of giving him a spanking for his childish attitude. He remembered that Shawn wasn't getting much rest so it was messing with his moods.

"You're going to have to go up to your room to sleep baby boy, I have to go to rehearsals in an hour." Justin explained as he patted his brother's back.

Shawn's eyes widened slightly. "Can I go with you?" Shawn asked as he laid on the couch, looking up at Justin for an answer. Justin gave him a negative answer and Shawn began whining.

"Whyyyyyy?" He dragged childishly. Justin chuckled and patted his head, "You're sleepy, you don't need to come with me baby. You need to get some rest," Justin explained, "You're so moody."

"I am not being moody," Shawn muttered and sat up. "Please bubby?" Shawn pleaded with puppy dog eyes. Justin quickly turned his head from Shawn's gaze, he knew better than to stare in Shawn's hypnotic eyes. Shawn then hopped up and wrapped his arms around his brother's shoulders and giggled.

"Please Justy? Take me with you, you're all that matters to me," Shawn sang his brother's song softly. Justin melted at how cute his brother was and pinched his cheeks. Shawn groaned and tried to get away, "Okay, you can come with me," he started,"but I'll gladly spank you if you get attitudey." He promised.

Shawn grinned from ear to ear and nodded, running upstairs to go get ready as Justin chuckled to himself. "Ah, knucklehead."

After arriving at the venue, Shawn was already showing more signs of being moody due to him having no sleep earlier and only napping for 15 minutes in the car.

Justin and his team began to set up for his rehearsals and Shawn sat on part of the stage and laid back but he was in the way of the drummers.

"Hey kid, you're in the way," one of Justin's drummers said in a way that was not so kind. Shawn looked up at him and got up, "S-sorry." He mumbled and went behind Justin who was talking to someone.

Justin was trying to listen to what his manager was telling him and Shawn was distracting him. "Shawn baby, you gotta hold on a minute." Justin brushed his brother off slightly. Shawn was being fussy and began whining as if he were a literal two year old.

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