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"'Sup Shawn!" Brian high-fived his friend before walking into his house. "What's up man?" Shawn returned the gesture as they both headed into the tv area.

"Hey Justin," Brian called out when he saw Shawn's brother. Justin waved because he was on the phone with some important people. Shawn guided him to the video game area so they could play some games.

"Did you want to play Overwatch?" Shawn asked as he set up the game. "Sure," Brian didn't have much of a preference at the moment. As Shawn set up the controllers, Justin finally came into the room while he was on the phone still.

"Shawn," He said in a low voice since he was on hold and didn't know when they were going to answer. Shawn didn't hear him because he was distracted. Justin walked around the couch and tapped his shoulder, causing Shawn to look up.

"Yes Justin?" He asked as held the controller. Brian thought their relationship was interesting. Justin seemed like a cool guy except for his moments of being scary as Shawn described.

"Did you make your bed this morning?" He murmured quietly. Shawn had a sweat drop and looked down at his feet, blushing somewhat because Brian was there too. "No?" He mumbled.

"Go do it, you aren't supposed to leave your room without it being done," Justin said as he gave Shawn's bottom a slap as Shawn quickly left the room to go do it.

Brian made a yikes face to himself and waited for Shawn to come back. Justin finally got off the phone and him and Brian chatted a bit before Shawn came back.

"Did you finish your room?" Justin asked, causing Shawn to roll his eyes. "Yes sir," he muttered and came over. Justin didn't seem to believe him though, "Oh so if I were to go in your room, your bed would be made?"

Shawn nodded, embarrassed that Justin was interrogating him like this in-front of Brian. "Justin do you have to do this now? Don't you have something better to do?" Shawn asked slightly annoyed and his face was beet red, clearly embarrassed.

"Excuse me?" Justin said suddenly, causing the room to become thick with tension. Even Brian got nervous and even though Justin couldn't give him a spanking, he had gotten second-hand fear.

Shawn gulped and looked at his Justin and back at the floor, "I mean, yes sir, it would be clean," Shawn answered. He clenched his teeth in his mouth and balled his fists, getting pissed at his brother's babying. He wasn't a child and he didn't know when Justin was going to get it!

Justin rose an eye brow when he saw Shawn's hostile demeanor and walked over to him. "If those hands are balled because you have a fuckin' problem with me, I suggest you unball them, kid." Justin demanded in a low, stern voice which made the hairs on the back of Shawn's neck stand up, "If you punch me with a closed fist, I'm gonna spank you with a closed fist....surrounding a belt. Got it?"

Justin threatened and smacked Shawn's butt quite hard, making Brian jump from the sound bouncing off the walls. Tears welled up in Shawn's eyes and he quickly tried to wipe them away, "Y-Yes sir," he sniffled. He was angry and embarrassed now that Justin was purposely degrading him to the same level as a young child.

He wiped his eyes with the back of his arm and sat down next to Brian, crossing his arms and staring at the T.V. Brian felt slightly awkward with the tension between the two siblings and simply tried to get Shawn to play the game.

"So.... did you want to be this player?" He asked nervously. Shawn shook his head no and was currently trying his hardest not to cry from embarrassment. He simply kept his arms crossed and chewed on his bottom lip. Brian felt pity for his friend and rubbed his shoulder.

"I'm going to go order pizza, it should be here soon. Justin popped back in the room after a few moments. "Awesome! Thanks Justin!" Brian exclaimed. Shawn on the other hand sat there with an angry expression and sniffled. Justin rolled his eyes, "Shawn?"

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