Episode 1 - The New Adventures of the Forgotten Heroes

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Narrator: *Everything in the universe can BE forgotten. All stories no matter how heroic they did... They're stories is not forever known. As time passes by they're story started to fade... But they're story will now end there, they're another adventure is about to begin... Will they find any more members?*

Character For This Episode:

Jonas As Jake (Junior's Brotha)

Junior As... Junior?! (Jake's Brotha)

Rose - ModernBibinibini As Aera

Samantha As Kate

Froyland As Bane

*In an underground high-tech HQ*

Jake: Look Aera you didn't say it's a mission soooooo...

Aera: It's a mission like our old ones.

Bane: Guys, let's just get to it...

Kate: Yeah...

Aera And Jake: FINE!

*In the selected area of operation*

Aero: *Radio On* Spotted a tango from the south, Over... *Radio Off*

Kate: *Radio On* Sniper is in position for the target from the south, Over *Radio Off*

Jake: *Radio On* Wait for the signal Sniper, I've spotted another tango moving to the position of Tango 1, Over *Radio Off*

Bane: *Radio On* Looks like they're buddy! *Radio Off*

Aera: *Radio On* Now's no time for jokes BANE! *Radio Off*

Jake: *Radio On* Focus on the mission... Targets is in position, Snipers ready to eliminate in five seconds. *Radio Off*

Bane And Kate: *Radio On* Snipers ready! *Radio Off*

Jake: *Radio On* Five... Four... Three...

Bane: *Radio On* Aim to the head KATE! *Radio Off*

Jake: Two...

Kate: *Radio On* I KNOW! *Radio Off*

Jake: One... Fire!

* Kate luckily hit the tango 1 in head, but tango 2 got hit by heart*

Aera: *Radio On* Wait! I though you'll aim for the head bane? *Radio Off*

Bane: *Radio On* At least it's dead! *Radio Off*

Aera: *Radio On* Oh, right good point... *Radio Off*

Kate: *Radio On* Mission Accom-

Jake: *Radio On* NOT yet! *Radio Off*

Kate: Oh, What's next? *Radio Off*

Jake: *Radio On* Ensure those bodies are out of the enemies sight so they won't know our mission is STARTED HERE! *Radio Off*

Kate: *Radio On* EWWW! Bane maybe you can do this... I'll support you out there by snipe... *Radio Off*

Bane: *Radio On* No way! Aera can do that! *Radio Off*

Aera: *Radio On* Wait WHAT?! NO WAY GUYS NO WAY! Jake can do that... *Radio Off*

Jake: *Radio On* I should have requested a person who can do this... I'll send in a tank... *Radio Off*

Jake's Teammates: *Radio On* You're going TO LET THEM KNOW WE'RE HERE! *Radio Off*

Jake: *Radio On* Ok I'll take care of it...

*Jake suddenly teleports to they're dead body and teleported again... And again back to his position...*

Jake's Teammates: *Radio On* You can tele? *Radio Off*

Jake: Let's just get back...

Bane: I didn't know you we're there...

Kate: He can teleport y'know...

Bane: I know...

Aera: Uh... Guys!

Kate: What is it?

Aera: Look!

*They looked and saw a march of vast army of enemy forces!*

Bane: Look at that TANKS!

Everyone but Bane: SHUSH!

Bane: ...

Jake: *Radio On* This is Bravo team we successfully eliminated the guards but a vast army of them is marching south. *Radio Off*

Bane: Hey isn't that where we came from?

Kate: Yeah, And they're heading to our HQ!

Aera: Quick into the car! GO GO GO!

Jake: *While Running* Look we are still not in war aera...

Aera: I know! But it's still cool saying that, Right?

Jake: Perhaps I could live with it... HURRY!



Soldier: :l

*TPT (The Project Team) members except bane looks at bane*

Bane: What?

Aera: You also don't NEED to shout...

Bane: Yeah bu-



Bane: Another one is about TO FIRE IT!

*RPG rocket launched*


*Jake steers left and avoided the rocket*

Junior: COOL!

Bane: WAIT, You didn't say anything while we're on the OP?

Junior: Um... Yeah... I Guess so.


Junior: I got this!

Jake: What?

*Opened the door in the roof and prepared a rocket launcher*

Jake: The HECK?! Why did you bring my BM - 243?

Junior: At least we need it!

*Junior fires the BM in to a large tank and deals A DESTRUCTION to the army*


Kate: Please stop shouting Bane...

Jake: NICE! Good thing you got my BM...

Junior: Can't believe it's heavy...

Jake: Of course it is!

*The Team got back to the HQ unharmed, but the question remains... Is there a way to destroy the vast and powerful army?*

Special Thanks To: ModernBibinibini

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